Hickory Public Schools Internet Usage and Access

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Hickory Public Schools Internet Usage and Access by Mind Map: Hickory Public Schools Internet Usage and Access

1. Procedure for Requesting Access

1.1. Most websites used in normal internet traffic are accessible

1.2. Blocked websites prompts Iprism warning

1.3. Teacher or student can click on "request access" button

1.4. Email notification goes to Director of Technology

1.5. Access is granted, usually within the day (assuming it is an approved website).

2. Filter

2.1. St. Bernard Iprism demo video

3. Who Controls the Filter

3.1. Jeff Tice, Director of Technology

4. Accessibility of Policies

4.1. Policies are easily accessible.

4.2. HPS website link to Acceptable Use Policy (see policies section)

4.3. HPS website link to School Board Policies (see policies section)

5. Policies

5.1. Acceptable Use Policy

5.2. Student Access to Networked Information Resources (School Board Policies)

6. Policy Makers

6.1. Hickory Public School Board of Education

7. Policy Enforcers

7.1. School Principals enforce student Acceptable Use Policy

8. Procedures for Changing Policy

8.1. See Interview Questions

9. Interview

9.1. Jeff Tice, Technology Director

9.2. Donna Murray, Instructional Technology

9.3. Interview Word File