Endocrine System

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Endocrine System by Mind Map: Endocrine System

1. Adrenocorticopic Hormone ACTH

1.1. Adrenal Cortex

1.1.1. Zona Glomerulosa Aldosterone response targets Imbalances

1.1.2. Zona Fasiculata cortisol response targets imbalance

1.1.3. Zona Reticularis Androgens target stimulates imbalance

2. Hypothalamus

2.1. Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone

2.2. Prolactin Releasing Hormone (females) Prolactin Inhibiting Hormone (males)

2.3. Thyrotropin Releasing hormone

2.4. Corticotropin Releasing hormone

3. Pineal Galnd

3.1. Melatonin

3.1.1. targets brain cells

3.1.2. responds to darkness

4. thymopoeitin

4.1. matures T Lymphocytes

5. Posterior Pituitary Gland

5.1. ADH

5.1.1. responds to ^osmolarity of blood v blood volume v blood pressure medications nicotine morphine

5.1.2. targets renal tubules

5.1.3. imbalances too much increased blood pressure too little Diabetes Insipitus

5.2. Oxytocin

5.2.1. responds to uterine stretch suckling infant

5.2.2. targets Uterus, contacts mammary glands, let down

6. Anterior Pituitary Gland

6.1. Growth Hormone

6.1.1. Enhances insulin like growth factors from liver Bone cartilage muscle

6.1.2. targets Many cells stimulates promotes Mobilizes

6.1.3. Imbalances too much Gigantism too little dwarfism

6.2. Prolactin

6.2.1. responds to suckling infant

6.2.2. targets breast/mamary gland

6.2.3. stimulates milk production

6.2.4. Imbalances too little not a problem Hyperlactinemia pituitary tumor

6.3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

6.3.1. Targets Thyroid Thyroid Hormones Calcitonin Not stimulated by TSH Parathyroid Hormone

6.4. Folic stimulating Hormone

6.4.1. targets testes increases production ovaries increases production

6.5. latinizing hormone

6.5.1. targets ovaries promotes testes promotes

6.6. Melanocyes stimulating hormone

6.6.1. melanocytes darkening skin

7. Catecholamines

7.1. Adrenal Medula

7.1.1. Chromaffrin Cells Epinephrin Norepinephrine Dopamine

7.1.2. Targets many cells increased decreased