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Flowchart by Mind Map: Flowchart

1. Conflict

1.1. The central conflict will be portrayed through the Grinch’s actions. The Grinch’s head and hand will be on peeking out from the back the closet. His hand will be holding a sack, and there will be a small rip in the bag. Four butterflies will be seen flying outside of the bag, but other butterflies will still be trapped inside the bag. This shows the historical conflict of Trujillo taking the Dominican Republic citizen's freedom away. Anita's internal conflict of the loss of words will be portrayed by the writing on the wall in the closet (further explained in the Spanish language, vocab, writing style, and theme section).

2. Character types

2.1. The character types will be seen in various parts of the display. Anita and Mami’s character types will be portrayed by their mats in the closet. Their mats will both be round and textured to represent round and dynamic characters. Mundin and Lucinda’s characters will be flying out of the Grinch’s bags, which means they were freed and tells about their character. In the corner of our project, there will be named Whoville citizens. Tio Toni and Papi will be Whoville citizens that the Grinch stole presents from- meaning they were not freed from Trujillo.

3. Chapter titles

3.1. The chapter titles will be hung from one of the lights in the back of the layout. It will have the chapter titles in chronological order, and explanations for each of them. Foreshadowing that predicted any events that occur in the according chapter will also be in the explanation.

4. Connections

4.1. Connections will be incorporated into our display through different sections of the display. The main connection we will elaborate is El Jefe to the Grinch. This will be portrayed by the Grinch holding a sack with butterflies in it, but four butterflies get out through a rip in the sack. All of the other connections will be in the closet on clothing (in the closet, there will be hangers holding clothes, and on the clothes, there will be written connections).

5. Author's purpose

5.1. The author's purpose will be present in the display through the didactic plaque and all of the other elements of literature. Within the character types, connections, conflict, and chapter titles, the author's purpose of entertain and inform will be apparent.

6. Spanish language, vocab, writing style, and theme

6.1. The Spanish dialect, vocabulary, writing style, and themes will all be engraved in the back wall of the closet. They will be present in brief phrases and words. The chosen words will be symbolic, present throughout the novel, and crucial to the plot. These selected words and phrases are the backbone of the novel, and could briefly summarize Anita’s diary. The writing style will be covered with major foreshadowing predictions and other important figures of speech written on the wall.

7. For our physical project, we are constructing a walk-in closet. For the engineering portion, we are having movable doors that can open and close. We will need to engineer the door to open and close using hinges and vinyl tracks.

8. Technology

8.1. For the technology portion, we are going to have a speaker playing a religous, Christmas song in the background of our project. The music will be playing from a recorder that also acts as a speaker. The recorder is plugged into an electronic device, records the music for up to 3 minutes, and plays back the audio. The Christmas lights are going to be color coded based off of the mood of this section of the novel.

9. Science

9.1. The science incorporation of our project is not obvious to the eye, but it comes from several different components of our project. We are researching precipitation in the Dominican Republic during December to transfer into our project. The Christmas lights coming back board are one of the components that tie into science. The Christmas provide a form of light. Currently in science, we our learning about light energy, electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic fields. When the lights are attached, the electricity passes from a power source to the first light, and then to each light until it returns back to a power source.

10. Religion

10.1. In the Dominican Republic, it is very common for a group of 3-4 people to go Christmas caroling the country's traditional Christmas songs. These groups of people are called the Pericos Ripios. In our set, we are playing a Religious song called La Primera Navidad. In English, it translates to The First Noel. The grinch is portraying El Jefe in our display. There is a quote that says, “Trujillo on Earth, God in Heaven”. Because of this correlation, Anita’s faith was tested because she associated a murderer with God. We will put the grinch (El Jefe) at the top of our display, and he will be capturing butterflies (taking away the Dominican citizen’s freedom). He will have white wings on his back, and we will construct him to look like a godly figure..

11. Engineering

12. Arts

12.1. We will paint the Grinch’s head on hand on plywood with acrylic paint. We will also be making a sack with a hole in it. The sack will be full of butterflies, but there is a rip in the bag. Four butterflies will be seen escaping the bag. We will also have Christmas themed decorations, including presents made of cardboard, cotton balls for snow, mini Whoville citizens, etc.

13. Math

13.1. There will be size measurements taken for the final product to make sure everything is placed into proportion and correct sizes. The closet will have to be in exact proportion to make sure each side will fit into each other exactly.