Introduction to Material Science

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Introduction to Material Science by Mind Map: Introduction to Material Science

1. Fundamental of Material Science

1.1. Involves investigating the relationship that exists between the structures and properties of materials

2. Material Classification

2.1. Metals

2.1.1. Made of on or more metallic elements

2.2. Polymers

2.2.1. Made of organic compounds that are chemically based of carbon,hydrogen and other nonmetallic elements

2.3. Ceramics

2.3.1. Compound between metallic and nonmetallic elements

2.4. Composites

2.4.1. Composed of two or more individual materials

3. Advanced materials

3.1. Nanomaterials

3.1.1. Materials which structures are measured in nanometer

3.2. Semiconductors

3.2.1. Have electrical properties that are intermediate between the electrical conductors and insulators

3.3. Biomaterials

3.3.1. Are implanted into human body for replacement of diseased or damaged body parts

3.4. Smart Materials

3.4.1. Are able to sense changes in the environment and respond to the changes

4. 4 Components of the discipline of Material Science

4.1. 1)Structure

4.2. 2)Processing

4.3. 3)Properties

4.4. 4)Performance