Self Evaluation

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Self Evaluation by Mind Map: Self Evaluation

1. I Deserve an A.

1.1. I've completed the activity report

1.2. I Followed all the rules for the website.

1.3. I Created a pretty decent website.

1.4. I've completed all my quizes

1.5. I've added extra things to my site.

1.6. I did all my typing tests with a high score.

1.7. Untitled

2. Improvement

2.1. I've improved scince the begining of the year

2.2. My attitude towards the lesson improved

2.3. My preformance improved alot

2.4. I've wasted more time on computers at home

2.5. I think this semester I actually put my best into the work

2.6. I didnt talk at all in class and neither did I play around

2.7. I didnt not come late to class constantly.

2.8. I've achieved alot of new skills this year.