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Pacific Northwest Animals: (after visit to Northwest Trek) by Mind Map: Pacific Northwest
Animals: (after
visit to Northwest
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Pacific Northwest Animals: (after visit to Northwest Trek)

Animal Tracks


Measuring size of each animal's footprint, Art, Comparing our footprints with size of animal tracks using paint

Science & Motor Development

Look for animal tracks, Place different tracks around room and have groups follow and show at end of tracks what animal they found.



Book: Northwest Animal Babies, How do they change as they grow? Compared to us?, Graph the height of each animal, Social Studies


animal cards: sorting babies and parents by pictures and names

Animal Coats


Fur, Bears, Wolves, Fox, etc., Otters, Need their fur clean or else they can't float on water.

Feathers, Bald Eagles, Ducks & Swans, Produce oil to keep their feathers from getting wet, to keep them warm

Social Studies

Similarities between how they use their coats to how we use our skin and clothing., Need to keep dry to stay warm, Keep clean, water repellent

Animal Senses


Hearing, Deer, experiment of cupping ears with hands to hear better in front

Sight, Close eyes and using your other senses figure out by pointing where I am, This is how nocturnal animals like raccoons, owls, etc. "see" in the night.

Smell, bear, 2,100 times better than a human's, Bears can smell toothpaste from a mile away, Bring toothpaste and see if kids can smell it from across the room.



Graph: What are some homes of animals we know?, Literacy, Book: Where Do I Sleep?

Social Studies

Why they pick their homes?, Food availability, Each child picks a NW animal and brings to class an example of what that animal eats. (picture, actual food, etc.), Science, Stay dry, Safety, Weather


habitat dioramas, each child picks an animal and makes the habitat of that animal in their own box with a picture of the animal., put up around room


"We're going on a bear hunt" song