The Impact of European Exploration

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The Impact of European Exploration by Mind Map: The Impact of European Exploration

1. How did exploration help capitalism?

1.1. Capitalism was based on investments of profits.

1.2. More people traded that led to power.

2. How did market economy grow?

2.1. One way economy grew was by people buying and selling goods.

2.2. All of the prices depended on the demand If there was too many people buying of one guy the price would be low.

2.3. A market economy is what determines demand and supply.

3. What is the cottage industry?

3.1. One example about cattage industries was that people were hired to make things out of raw materials.

3.2. The cottage industry was when many products were made at homes.

4. What is mercantilism?

4.1. As we all know countries saved up money to build power.

4.2. Now businessmen were very sly. They increase exports and decreased imports.

4.3. They also made more money by establishing colonies in other countries.