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Integrated Unit Preschool Classroom: Farm Animals by Mind Map: Integrated Unit
Preschool Classroom:
Farm Animals
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Integrated Unit Preschool Classroom: Farm Animals


Vocabulary Development

Activity: Read farm books

Activity: Sing "Old MacDonald" and other farm related songs

Activity: While playing with figurine farm animals, children practice the correct names and sounds of each.

Fine Arts

Creating Art

Activity: Children paint barn yard scenes that incorporate all the animals they have learned.

Creating Movement and Music

Activity: Children dance along to "Animals on the Farm" acting like each particular animal and creating their own movements for how they think that animal would behave.

Activity: Children sing finger songs and nursery rhymes related to farm animals.

Creating Dramatic Play

Activity: Children act out the different stories relating to farms, e.g. Maisy on the Farm taking on the role of the animals.

Dramatic Play in Context

Activity: Using a barn doll house, farmers, farm animals, etc. children engage in imaginary play

Activity: Children are provided with props such as a cowboy hat, animal costumes, a hoe, etc. and then put on a play about what life on a farm is like.


Number Sense

Activity: Figurine/Pictures of farm animals are used for counting.

Activity: Children place correct number of horses/cows/chickens/etc. when given a written numeral.

Activity: Using the figurines, children determine if there are more cows than horses, etc.

Data Analysis

Activity: Children sort animals into their appropriate groups, i.e. pigs with pigs.


Activity: Animals are arranged in patterns and children are asked to repeat the patterns. E.g. cow, duck, pig, cow, duck, pig.


Observes, Questions and Hypotheses

Activity: children match the baby farm animal to the correct parent, i.e. a calf to a cow or a duckling to a duck.

Analysis and Conclusion

Activity: Children describe the differences between animals, such as bulls have horns while cows have utters.


Activity: Each child is assigned an animal to learn facts on then each presents their animal to the class.