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1.1. New Age Music is a musical genre created by different styles whose objective is to create artistic inspiration, relaxation and optimism.

1.2. It is usually used by those who practice yoga, massage, meditation, and reading as a method to control stress or to create a peaceful atmosphere at home or in other environments, and is often associated with environmentalism and New Age spirituality.1

1.3. The harmonies in New Age music are usually modal, consonant, repetitive, to create a hypnotic feeling, and sometimes nature sounds are used as an introduction.

1.4. New Age music can be both electronic on synth pads, it uses instruments such as flutes, piano, acoustic guitar and a wide range of non-Western acoustic instruments.

1.5. Its maximum exponent Holger Czukay


2.1. Part of the values and culture of a people.

2.2. It has remained alive, in the rural area.

2.3. It represents all the members of the community to which it belongs.

2.4. It was used to accompany various tasks, such as field work, celebrations, games, etc.

2.5. You learn this music by listening to others, and repeating it by heart.

2.6. It has melody, harmony and rhythm.

2.7. Their instruments are traditional made in their country of origin.

2.8. its maximum reference LOS KJARKAS


3.1. The beginning of rock in Spanish dates back to the second half of the 1950s.

3.2. Rock in Spanish is rock music composed and performed in Spanish.

3.3. Rock in Spanish has achieved worldwide success.

3.4. The instruments used are: acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, electric guitar, electronic keyboard.

3.5. Latin rock continues its growth process, combining sounds, ideas and feelings.

3.6. Its maximum reference CARLOS SANTANA


4.1. Its original form, known as rock and roll, emerged from rhythm and blues and country.

4.2. Rock has focused on the electric guitar with singer, bass, drums and, sometimes, keyboard instruments such as organ and piano.

4.3. The lyrics focus on romantic, social and political love.

4.4. Rock puts more emphasis on composition, live performance.

4.5. Rock music served for cultural and social movements, such as mods and rockers, hippies, punk culture, Emo and Goths.

4.6. Rock music has been associated with changes in racism, sex and the use of drugs, youth rebellion against consumerism and conformism.

4.7. Its maximum exponent ELVIS PRESLEY.


5.1. Reggae comes from Jamaica since 1960.

5.2. Its rhythm is a type of accentuation of the off-beat, known as skank.

5.3. Use the guitar to emphasize.

5.4. Reggae is a mix of reggae or dancehall with elements from other genres, such as hip-hop, R & B, jazz, rock, drum and bass, punk or polka.

5.5. It is a kind of spiritual music whose lyrics exalt Jah (God)

5.6. Its maximum exponent BOB MARLEY


6.1. Blues means melancholy or sadness, it is a vocal and instrumental musical genre. Originally from the African-American communities in the southern United States.

6.2. In the sixties it became an important influence for American and western popular music, such as ragtime, jazz, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, funk, heavy metal, hip-hop, country and pop music.

6.3. His lyrics were spiritual, prayer, work, English rhymes, Scottish and Irish ballads narrated and field shouts.

6.4. The instruments used are the guitar, the harmonica, electric bass, drums, piano, harmonica, saxophone, voice, trombone, trumpet.

6.5. Your maximum reference BB KING


7.1. Pop is like the monarchy, the pop kingdom is a reality, spread throughout the world.

7.2. The term "pop", derived from the English "popular music", arose already in 1926 in the United States.

7.3. In 1960, pop music became the antagonist of rock music.

7.4. Pop is characterized by light rhythms and melodies, simple compositions with a repetitive structure and simple and catchy choruses.

7.5. The lyrics are about love topics, personal relationships, romantic ideas and how to have fun.

7.6. Pop is associated with concepts such as "mainstream", "commercial music", "fan phenomenon", "boy / girl groups", "merchandising" and "mass consumption".

7.7. Pop music counts above all with a young audience.

7.8. Instruments such as guitar, bass, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, synthesizer, drum machine, sequencer, sampler.

7.9. Its maximum reference MICHAEL JACKSON