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Offf zaterdag by Mind Map: Offf zaterdag

1. Keetra Dean Dixon

1.1. History

1.1.1. From Alaska

1.1.2. Focus on craft

1.1.3. Bfa in traditional graphical design program

1.1.4. Future farmers in San Francisco

1.1.5. Burned out by 23 Break in the midwest Mfa '06 from Cranbrook Motion graphics in NY

1.1.6. Rockwell group in 2007 Architecture Interiors Playground design Started a lab With software & hardware engineers Very interdisciplinary Set design Research & discovery Installations

1.2. Now

1.2.1. Teaching

1.2.2. Studio practice Self-authored work Guidelines Think through making Infuse the unexpected in accepted form Making through breaking Embrace the unknown Share the conversation Invest in the fantastic & make with wonder Make the work I wish I was making

2. eBoy

2.1. Berlin & Vancouver

2.1.1. Communicate via iChat

2.1.2. Everyone can do anything

2.1.3. No defined roles

2.2. Started in 1994

2.2.1. Company founded in 1997

2.3. Started with digital mag on 3.5" diskette

2.3.1. Liberating

2.3.2. Easy to distribute

2.4. First website

2.4.1. No client work

2.4.2. Project in itself

2.4.3. No scanned work, only work made for the computer

2.4.4. Work & publish on the screen

2.5. Peecol

2.5.1. Upper & lower body figures & bubbles

2.5.2. Collaborative

2.5.3. Html table based grid system

2.5.4. Peecol font

2.6. eCity

2.6.1. Work together on a single image

2.6.2. For a Japanese magazine

2.6.3. Berlin for NyLon magazine

2.6.4. Picture is never in a final state

2.6.5. Cityscape images

2.6.6. No predefined goal

2.7. Pixorama Book

2.7.1. No publishers interested

2.7.2. Self-published Full control More revenue

2.8. Client work

2.8.1. Based on client sketch on paper

2.8.2. Amnesty International

2.9. Posters take ca. 2 months

2.10. Parts

2.10.1. Modular creative system Lego

2.10.2. Isometric

2.10.3. Stuff from 97 is still usable

2.10.4. Everything can be re-used

2.11. Catalog published in 2002

2.12. Paul series

2.12.1. Bigger scale than city

2.12.2. Indoor

2.12.3. Furniture & gadgets

2.13. Influenced by the Internet & supermarkets

2.13.1. Not graphic design

2.13.2. Fffound

2.14. Klikk

2.14.1. Simple animation

2.15. Jerk

2.15.1. Portrait

2.15.2. Based on stark mugshot photographs

2.15.3. Exhausting process

2.15.4. Too little abstraction

2.15.5. No fun

2.15.6. Microjerks: fewer pixels

2.16. Jobs

2.16.1. Magazines Deadlines too short Ideas from other ppl

2.16.2. 246 w17 Building in NY

2.16.3. Fortune magazine Web 2.0 poster: fubar Fubar2 in progress

2.16.4. Honda Old & current cars For Dentsu For Honda website: weekend version

2.16.5. Transmediale conference in Berlin

2.16.6. Pixelblocks

2.16.7. MIT/Lego

2.16.8. Pepsi China

2.16.9. Fabric designs for Paul Smith

2.17. Colabborations

2.17.1. Wall stickers

2.17.2. Zune

2.17.3. Dkny shoes

2.17.4. Vice snowboard

2.18. (Web)shop

2.18.1. Physical objects

2.18.2. Not only virtual

2.18.3. Generates feedback

2.19. Toys

2.19.1. Create 3D version of pixels Blockbob 3 blocks Modular Can be combined with anything

2.19.2. Peecol for kidrobot More rounded Curves instead of pixels 3D models Mass-produced Modular, can be recombined

2.20. Fixpix

2.20.1. eBoy & DeliciousToys

2.20.2. Tilt control on iPhone

2.20.3. Semi 3d images

2.20.4. Game

3. Geoff McFetridge

3.1. Drawing on a chalkboard

3.2. Google creares a collapse of unique experiences

3.3. How do I create my work?

3.3.1. What is really going on?

3.3.2. Internal motivation

3.3.3. Work consciously in a specific way

3.3.4. Work from within

3.3.5. Rather be working/making than doing anything else

3.3.6. Written out idea, implemented as design

3.4. Calgary, Canada

3.5. College

3.5.1. Craft

3.5.2. Presentation

3.5.3. Concept

3.6. CalArts

3.6.1. Combining ideas with process

3.6.2. Everything looked horrible

3.6.3. About the concept and personal passion

3.7. 'The saddest circle is a square'

3.8. 'If I'm not making things better, I'm doing marketing'

3.9. 'There is nothing more terrifying than becoming a T'

3.10. 'You can put a real apple in a gallery'

4. Erik Spiekermann

4.1. Whatever I say is not relative, it's absolute

4.2. I am not an artist

4.2.1. Long hair, vague

4.2.2. I am a designer Loyal Don't work for assholes Use artistic means

4.3. Definitions

4.3.1. Design is an intellectual activity We think How do you start a project?

4.3.2. Design is a physical activity We make things Who makes this stuff?

4.3.3. Design is a verb How How does cool stuff happen How to make cool stuff Read contracts

4.3.4. Design is a noun What Type

4.4. Carhartt iPhone app

4.5. We do not do work for free, no free pitches

4.6. Little red books

4.7. Why do we need so many typefaces?

4.7.1. Brand identity

4.8. Do supermarkets have to be ugly?

4.8.1. Supermarket client Superellipsis No angle is ever repeated

4.9. Can chocolate be fun?

4.9.1. Make mock-ups

4.9.2. Tcho

4.10. Low budget doesn't mean stupid

4.10.1. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

4.10.2. All you need is a typeface

4.11. Fonts can be cool to look at

4.11.1. Fontshop site

5. Postpanic

5.1. Dutch

5.2. Really cool location/office

5.3. Non-commissioned work

5.3.1. The postman

5.3.2. The postman returns

5.4. Video company with a graphic design background

5.5. Commissioned work

5.5.1. MTV rocks

6. Stefan Sagmeister

6.1. NY graphics studio

6.2. Documentary about Happiness as a designer

6.2.1. Try out to see if the mind can de trained as the body

6.2.2. 'The Happy Film' Having guts always works for me

6.2.3. Happiness is hard to define Things you normally don't do have a disproportianete effect Giggle Twins Separated at birth Things we think are important are not important at all US study of 16000 ppl Causality is aproblem

6.2.4. Steven Pinker Remarkable decline in crime in the last 2000 years

6.2.5. Book The Happiness Hypothesis Johnathan Haidt Strategies Meditation, 2x45 minutes per day Cognitive Therapy Drugs Attributes that I'm very bad at Thankfulness Sympathetic empathy Humility Consciousness is a small rider on a larhe elephant Train the elephant We are less free than we think

6.2.6. Emotions Only 'joy' is positive We focus on the negative

6.2.7. Embed retirement in working life as sabatticals Bali Rigid timetable Drive around without purpose with songs that you love.

6.2.8. Job of designer How to keep it as a calling

6.2.9. Can I pursue happiness in design Do more of the things i like and fewer i don't like Think freely, without deadline Traveling to new places Variety of tools & techniques Work on projects that matter to me Having things made well Feedback from ppl who see your work Work on something that feels partly new and partly familiar Work on a single project without interruption Constantly happy? Danny Gilbert