Knowledge Representation Tools

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Knowledge Representation Tools by Mind Map: Knowledge Representation Tools

1. Concept map tools

1.1. CmapTools

1.1.1. pros Easy to use Share concept maps via CmapServers Cross platform support: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows Link to both online resources and personal files Import/Export and powerpoint support

1.1.2. cons Real-time collaboration? (Not investigated) CmapServers is free, but filling a request form is needed.

2. Topic map tools

2.1. Ontopia

2.1.1. pros Fully support Topic maps standards: ISO 13250 Open source web application Well documented, lots of samples and tutorials Complete end-user tools: Omnigator, Vizigator and Ontopoly

2.1.2. cons Complicated, learning curve is deep Need to define ontology first Not a ready to use software product. More like a software framework.

3. Mind map tools

3.1. mindmeister

3.1.1. pros Realtime collaboration Easy to access and use Support multiple resources Offline mode support History view / version control Mobile support IOS devices Android devices

3.1.2. cons Free only for 3 mind maps Doesn't support associations like concept/topic maps Limited export support for free version


3.2.1. offers similar features as mindmeister. Not recommended by online reviews

3.3. mind raider

3.3.1. pros Feature-rich desktop application Semantic web outliner Cross platforms support: linux,mac osx and windows

3.3.2. cons Hard to understand, lots of Jargons not friendly for entry-level users lack of collaboration mode

4. Wiki

4.1. Mediawiki

4.1.1. pros Open source web-based wiki application Lots of extensions and templates Optimizes for performance and scalability Same user interface as Wikipedia Flexible plug-in architecture

4.1.2. cons No structure support. (may be supported via extensions?) Lacks of project management support.

4.2. TWiki

4.2.1. pros Wiki applications support via TWiki Markup Language Lacks of community support. "Structured Wiki" Enterprise or team portal available, but not free Over 400 extensions and 200 plugins. Full HTML and Javascript support in wiki pages Strong attachment support for document uploads

4.2.2. cons Security concerns Can all features be delivered as advertised? Need more insights.

4.3. Foswiki

4.3.1. Forked from TWiki in 2008

4.4. Types

4.4.1. Semantic wikis Freebase Semantic MediaWiki

4.4.2. Enterprise wikis SMW+ Confluence Socialtext

4.4.3. Application wikis

4.4.4. Personal wikis

4.4.5. Mobile wikis