Social Constructivism

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Social Constructivism by Mind Map: Social Constructivism

1. Definition

1.1. Self-construction of knowledge and understanding through experience and reflection

1.2. The study of learning

2. Curriculum

2.1. Learning experiences must include social interaction

2.2. Learning experiences must be purposeful

3. Student Development

3.1. Students learn to become cooperative and collaborative

3.2. Skills become transferrable into real-world contexts

3.3. Students develop metacognition: the knowledge of how they learn

4. Teacher instruction

4.1. Active creators

4.1.1. Link with previous experience

4.1.2. Ask questions, explore and assess prior knowledge to develop prior understanding

4.2. Active techniques

4.2.1. Problem solving

4.2.2. Challenge-based, inquiry-based

4.2.3. Effective questioning Students learn how they learn Students recognise how the activity is developing learning

5. 5 attributes - learning is:

5.1. Active

5.1.1. Use results in order to make observations which stimulates greater understanding

5.2. Constructive

5.2.1. Part of being an active creator: create new meanings and understandings by integrating new and past experiences

5.3. Authentic

5.3.1. By learning through real-world situations and interactions, knowledge is better understood

5.4. Cooperative

5.4.1. Learning is based on social interactions which leads to greater knowledge and understanding

5.5. Intentional

5.5.1. By establishing clear learning goals, it promotes greater learning