Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

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Fleetwood Mac - Dreams by Mind Map: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

1. The song is timeless and mixed very well. Its quite haunting and lucid, it makes me almost sad to listen to the vocals and think of the meanings behind them. The band was going through a rough time behind the scenes and by listening to dreams its easy to feel that emotion.

2. Its a serious song with a message to all those seeking or losing love.

3. Sonic Characteristics

3.1. The hi-hats have a phaser on them to make a more "wooshy" sound

3.2. This gives them a more hypnotic sound. Adding to the dream theme.

3.3. Many of these instruments were pushed down and made more bass so that the high frequency hi-hats and vocals stood out among the low tones.

3.4. The other thing that sticks out is the whining electric guitar.

4. Melodic Content

4.1. Lead Melody is held by the Piano carrying on throughout playing the broken chords

4.2. Stevie Nicks applies vocals to the track and holds the melody when singing

4.3. Even though the song is a pop song its quite haunting at some points with Stevie's overlapping vocals. Due to it being a pop song its very catchy in its simplistic nature.

4.3.1. However there are quite a few parts to the song so it doesn't get too boring to repeat.

4.4. The song doesn't change speed but over the span of the song there are more instruments and layers of vocals added

5. Lyrics

5.1. The lyrics were written by Stevie Nicks

5.1.1. After her break-up with bandmate Lindsy

5.1.2. She had to perform this song with him

5.1.3. Due to its success they had to relive their relationship ending on stage for the next 40 years

5.2. Pre-chorus

5.2.1. Layered Vocals

5.2.2. Haunting

5.2.3. Dream-like

5.3. Stevie tells Lindsey to be free from her and stop blaming her for him being held back

5.3.1. "You say you want your freedom"

5.4. Lindseys guitar weeps in the background and he gets told to listen to the sound of loneliness and what thats telling him

5.4.1. "Only right you should play the way you feel it"

5.5. This line is in reference to the pounding kick drum that continues through the song acting like a heartbeat carrying on and on.

5.5.1. "Like a heartbeat drives you mad"

5.6. In this case that consistent heartbeat is just a constant reminder of the love that he lost, driving him mad.

5.6.1. "What you had and what you lost and what you had and what you lost"

6. Texture & Timbre

6.1. Instruments used:

6.1.1. Piano

6.1.2. Guitar Acoustic Bass Electric

6.1.3. Organ

6.1.4. Drums

6.2. The pre chorus is brightened by the addition of a vibraphone and conga drums. These are barely noticeable but add to the overall effect.

6.3. The song is very smooth and haunting before it hits a lively chorus while in keeping with its deep and mellow vibe.

6.3.1. The drums have these tapping hi-hats that carry on without fail through the entirety of the song running over everything and encapsulates you just like a dream.

6.4. The track is fully polyphonic with always being slightly full of sound and layers with multiple instruments and vocals in the key parts of the song.

7. Harmonic Content

7.1. 3/4 Time signature

7.2. 124 BPM

7.3. G Key

7.4. There are only two main chords to the song and the instruments shift between these chords throughout with some instruments like the bass guitar altering the flow slightly.

7.4.1. F and G in broken chord

7.4.2. Electric guitar changes to Am G6 for the chorus

8. The Song

9. The Band

10. I chose this song because i grew up listening to this record due to my parents love for this music. Ive always loved it and it reminds me of when i was younger and loved music without understanding the complexities of producing it. Now i do, i find it incredible how seemingly easy it was for their team to capture so much emotion and feel in their music that even when played 40 years later we still get the mood of the song.

11. Personal View