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VP Media Contacts by Mind Map: VP Media Contacts
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VP Media Contacts

  Function : To assist/guide in management of all functions and applications of each subsystem within the MCT (media contacts team), ensure efficient and emergent development of complete system, attain MCT targets and goals in reasonable time frame, liaise directly with TVP. Tasking : Update/review Resource Projects database – Monthly. Submit TVP Report – Monthly. Schedule/attend meetings with TVP – Monthly. Update/review core project teams management folders (Dropbox/GoogleDocs) – Monthly. Attend TVP Project Teams Meetings – Monthly. Review MCT subsystem development/operations/progress – Monthly. Update/review Global Activism group page – Weekly. Update/review MCT tasking lists (Toodledo) - Weekly.   Project Managers : Craig Arroyo –  


  Logistics Dept -     Function : To full-fill the IT and technical needs of the MCT. To research, test and advise regarding the most efficient tools for MCT use for all of it's sub-systems, to develop an online "hub" for MCT application (as needed), to update/manage a database of contacts. The logistics team will act as an advisory resource to other internal MCT depts, the logistics team can conduct research into available free and open source tools available, will test in order to assess suitability and advise accordingly. The logistics dept should liaise and be familiar with tools used by TVP along with IT and Development teams and where possible ensure that all systems within TVP are using the same tools/systems/platforms in order to facilitate efficient cross-communication. The logistics dept will give the MCT regular updates and suggestions for further development opportunities.   Tasking : Manage/Update MCT database – Bi-weekly. Conduct online research and put to test new available tools. Liaise regularly with IT/Development teams. Research and offer guidance to MCT sub-divisions. Offer creative suggestions for further development and improved efficiency.   Project Managers : Heikki Laakko –





  Function : To ensure efficient communication system remains in place within the MCT. Communication between all team sub systems and participating team members is critical in ensuring the media contacts project is efficient, productive and able to achieve it's desired results. Communications dept should be able to advise and guide all internal/external/new members in regard to all of the MCT's internal communications procedures and platforms. Communications should instruct and integrate all new members in regard to the following : TVP site, Educational material, TVP design website, Global activism registration, Posting guidelines, Activism guidelines and Flowcharts, Media Contacts Group page, Team descriptions + Archive + MindMap Structure + Tasking lists, Team meetings/updates/operations inc ; E-mail registration, Teamspeak registration/use and all other MCT platforms.   Tasking : Schedule/Confirm MCT project meetings and study groups – Bi-weekly. Moderate/Record all MCT project team meetings – Bi-weekly. Review/Update Wiki archive with static data and team recordings/materials – Bi-weekly. Maintain MCT events calendar – Weekly. Issue MCT group updates – As needed. Advise/Guide new MCT members – As needed.   Project Managers : Joe Park –   Teamspeak site available in link Server address - Password - TVP  

Wiki Archive/Recordings

Team meetings/updates



  Function : To ensure there is consistent and ongoing education within the MCT. All management should attend regular MCT study groups, this is to ensure that development of the MCT is in line with the direction of TVP and ensures maintaining of TVP/MCT integrity. Communication with all media/resource contacts should only be conducted by regular attendees of MCT study groups. No MCT members will be allowed to participate in “resource projects” without regular attendance at MCT study groups. Regular study group attendance will demonstrate both a commitment to, and an understanding of TVP.     Tasking : Provide study group materials – Bi-weekly. Organise and moderate study groups - Bi-weekly. Provide self assessment tools - Bi-weekly. Monitor attendance/participation of study groups – Bi-weekly. Submit reports of above to core management – Bi-weekly.     Project Managers : Robert Brill -

Study material

Discussion group

Self assesments

Media Projects

  Media Projects Teams :     Research Dept -   Function : The research dept will conduct all aspects of initial research into potential contacts submitted to MCT as leads prior to initiation of communications and presentation of TVP. The team should conduct extensive research and if appropriate open initial communications, priorities should be understanding the aims/motivations/intentions of the contact (providing appropriate links), assessing the contacts familiarity/understanding and level of support for the Venus Project where possible, and creatively consider the possible benefit of positive future collaboration. The research team should try to generate as many contact details as possible. The research team will then submit contact reports to the presentations dept who will review these reports before initiating communication and presenting TVP. All potential leads will (following core-management review) be submitted to the research dept. The research team will hold it's own database of potential contacts as a work-list, these leads will remain on the research team database/work-list until the subsequent reports are submitted to the liaisons dept for project phase 2, these contacts can then be removed from research database as completed tasks. Tasking : See research team manual below All initial contact communication should only be conducted by liaisons dept. Each group should be made up of at least 3 members to be considered functional. Research into leads should be ongoing resulting in weekly progress reports to Research team Project Management (PM). When a research team has done sufficient research into a given contact, they then put together a report; the report is then reviewed by the group with the PM team. Once the report contains all the necessary information it is submitted to the MCT core management and liaisons depts by the research group. The PM team then updates the work book showing that research into this contact has been completed and the group can move on to another contact.     MEDIA CONTACTS TEAM-RESEARCH MANUAL TRODUCTION The Venus project media contacts team is, as you can probably guess, the team within the Venus project activism group responsible for researching and contacting individuals, organizations and media groups. To review media contacts team structure look here This training manual is to provide persons doing research for the media contacts research team with all the information and tools necessary to begin doing research into possible contacts as quickly as possible. To review media contacts research team operating procedures request “media contacts research team description”           Information to be sourced (where possible by research dept), initial communication to be conducted by members of the liaisons team using official TVP materials.   What information is required- Name of individual Name of organization Individuals position in organization Individuals field of work(occupation) Type of organization Individuals level of skill with respect to their field of work Level of skill of the organization, level of professionalism. Does the individual or group know of the Venus project? Does the individual or group know of the ideas of a resource based economy via another source of information e.g. another group or media outlet? If so, please try to identify the alternative source in your report. Does the individual or group display in some way that they have a propensity to understand the Venus project direction? If so examples must be presented in the report. Background information into the organizations or persons must be done; a summary of their reputation with the public and society in general must be ascertained and described in the report. After we gather background information on the possible contact we then precede with finding their contact information, phone no. , email address, Skype, living address, affiliate contacts(there may be other persons or organizations that need to be contacted e.g. a personal assistant, affiliate organization ) Research must be done to identify what may be the best way to contact the individual or organizations or find any information that will aid the team tasked with making contact with ones researched.     How to go about finding information- The media contacts team will have a list of persons and organizations that need to be researched; this list will either include the name of certain organizations or individuals. Now that you’ve found the list, choose a contact and let’s begin research. Do a Google search (this may provide some or maybe even all of the information required ) If Google fails to provide all the necessary information, don’t panic, there are many so called people search engines, online phone books, social networking sites you can use e.g. face book, spock, pipl and 123people are just a few of many of these types of services, for a list of up to 50 of these kinds of web services look here As this research team develops we will employ more advanced methods for research , as of now , this is what we got ;).     Project Managers : Michael Vincent – Rohit Hippalgaonkar –       Liaisions Dept -   Function : The liaisons team will play a critical role in all TVP Media Contacts projects. The liaisons team will have the responsibility of initiating communications and presenting TVP to all potential contacts forwarded by the research dept. Following receipt of research report (inc contact details) the liaisons team will devise a strategy for initiation of communication and suggestions for mutually benefiting support/collaboration with said contact, this will involve liaising with MCT core management, TVP and it's Marketing team where appropriate. Initial discussion should take place with MCT core management before initiation of communication. There will be professional/official presentation tools such as e-brochures made available by a collaborative effort between TVP lecture team, expressions media team and marketing teams. Liaisons dept managers should liaise with other project teams and advise as to how these materials/tools can be strategically designed to suit the requirements of MCT Liaisons dept. The liaisons team will hold it's own work-list of phase 2 projects (presentation) contacts, once support and/or collaboration is confirmed individual contacts should then be referred to the appropriate sub-divisions within the MCT Liaisons team for further collaboration and continued communication. Likely sub-divisions to include : TV Contacts, Radio Contacts, Written Press Contacts, Modern Media, Technical Support and General Contacts.     Tasking : Update work book recording the performance of various presentation team members. Manage the productivity/contribution of presentations team members based on performance. Provide media contact team coordinators with bi-weekly updates on presentations team’s progress via project team meetings. Keep the various sub divisions of presentations group up to date with the entire group’s progress via bulletins. Organize group meetings which will not be weekly but held when required. Inform presentations group of media contacts team events. Liaise and familiarise with Marketing team projects/materials. Advise Lecture, Marketing and Venus Expressions teams of material needs where required.       Project Managers : Rohit Hippalgaonkar – Robert Brill –  



Resource Projects

  Resource Projects -   Function : To conduct all phases of resource projects (research, presentation, liaisons). This team is confidential in function, contribution on critical resource projects is closed, participation is invitation only. Training for team contribution is available by contribution to media projects. Those members of MCT who demonstrate a commitment to, and understanding of TVP, through regular attendance at TVP q+a's, MCT study groups and MCT project meetings, along with regular media project contribution that demonstrates consistent ability to perform required tasks will be invited to contribute to development of resource projects. Confidentiality is to be retained within the resource projects team until notification otherwise by TVP.   Project Managers : Roxanne Meadows –


Motion picture


TVP Activism Chapter Media Facilitators

  Global Activism MCT Facilitators -   Each activism chapter will be encouraged to appoint at least one facilitator to the MCT. Facilitators should be fluent in both English and local chapter language. Facilitators should be familiar with activity of MCT projects and local chapter projects. Facilitators should ensure all locally generated contacts are submitted to MCT for addition to global database. Facilitators will have access to MCT contacts within chapter regions.   Regional MCT Chapter Facilitators listed below :       Global Activism Chapter Facilitators :   Belgium – Pier Paul (Pepe) - Croatia - Natalija - Israel – Johnathan Bird - Mexico – David Badillo - Montenegro – Dusko Lalovic - Spain - Francisco De La Iglesia -