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eLearning by Mind Map: eLearning
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Available for wider consumption

access to visual, interactive info etc on web that hooks children in

Sharing amongst teachers who are capable

Engagement - "Digital Hook"

parents like the idea of children learning in the 21st century ... not last century!

Helps to personalise learning

'Life skill'

Provides opportunities for learners to revisit learning

children feel actively involved with other learners beyond their school

Allows learning to extend beyond the classroom walls

Involve parents/caregivers more in children's learning


Supports creativity by reducing "skill" required to do what experts do


Progressing technology

Access to devices (laptops for Teachers)

strong infra-structure that supports e-learning across the school

Teachers seeing relevance to students "digital nativeness"

Culture that allows teachers to try/take risks and learn from experience

Teacher skill level

engaging, credible facilitators who support learning to feel accessible for staff


Ability of staff

traditional techniques of teaching

Perception of value (staff undervalue it)

lack of resourcing for time for teachers to play/trial/explore

Staying up-to-date with an ever-changing area




universal access

safety for children and staff, visitors to school etc

Managing pace of change

Focus on traditional skills can be seen to be diluted

$$$$$ - cost/benefit

"Evidence" that it improves learning