Reporting structures

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Reporting structures by Mind Map: Reporting structures

1. Idiomatic expressions

1.1. Be at home with

1.1.1. To feel comfortable and relaxed

1.2. Be home and dry

1.2.1. To have successfully finished something

1.3. Be on the home straight/strecth

1.3.1. The last part of something that is being done

1.4. Bring something home to somebody

1.4.1. To provide something that will be a benefit

1.5. Home from home

1.5.1. A place where you feel as comfortable as you do in your own home

1.6. Home in on

1.6.1. To find and give a lot of attention to something or someone

1.7. Home truths

1.7.1. A true but unpleasant fact about yourself that another person tells you

1.8. Nothing to write home about

1.8.1. Not exciting or special

2. Impersonal reporting structures

2.1. We use impersonal reporting structure to talk about what people in general said, think or believe about something.

2.2. Forms:It+ be+ past participle of believe, know, think, said, expect, claim, report + that

3. Different structures

3.1. Verb+ (that)+ sentence in reported speech with change of tense

3.2. Verb+ gerund (admit, deny, recommend, regret, suggest)

3.3. Verb + object+ that+ sentence in reported speech (remind, tell, warn, inform)

3.4. Verb+ that+ subject+ modal+ infinitive without to ( demand, insist, recommend, suggest)

3.5. Verb+ not infinitive (agree, demand, claim, offer, promise, refuse, threaten)

3.6. Verb+ question word/if+ sentence in reported speech (ask, want to know, wonder)

3.7. Verb+ (object)+ preposition+ gerund (accuse somebody for, apologize for, blame somebody for, confess to, congratulate somebody on, criticize somebody for, insist on, object to, warn somebody against)

3.8. Verb+ (not) to- infinitive. (advise, ask, forbid, instruct, invite, order, recommend, remind, tell, warn)