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1. Creativity

1.1. When i began this project i kept asking my self what am i going to write about technology? Its something we see but cannot define and this has helped me develop factual knowledge based on my research that i will keep with myself forever and what i have created is basically related to everyone in this generation. in fact this work has been done by the use of technology to know about technology whichb is mind boggling.

2. By definition, modern technology is the advancement of old technology with new additions and modifications. For an example, it is impossible for the people in this decade to live with a wired telephone placed on the table. So, the mobile phone which can be taken with us anywhere is the perfect example of the technology advancement or simply, the modern technology. Any machine or device we see around us is the product of the modern technology. Reference:- Modern Technology Definition and Everything you Need to Know - Tech Quintal

3. What i thought

3.1. Cars

3.2. Machines

3.3. Computers

3.4. Gaming devices

3.5. So, i define technology as the use of scientific knowledge which is based on observed facts and tested truths.

4. References

4.1. Merriam Webster (since 1982) - Definition of TECHNOLOGY -

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4.5. MODERN TECHNOLOGY DEFINITION AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW - TECH QUINTAL - Modern Technology Definition and Everything you Need to Know - Tech Quintal

5. Disadvantages of modern technology

5.1. Job insecurity due to the excessive use of robots and machines

5.2. Increased competition in the field

5.3. Affected the social life by keeping people attached to the tech gadgets

5.4. Creation of harmful weapons and machinery

5.5. Increased pollution of air, water, and soil

5.6. Cyber crimes increased, and almost anything is destructible by brilliant hackers

6. Definition of technology

6.1. According to Merriam Webster (since 1982), Technology is a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge. Refer:- Definition of TECHNOLOGY

6.2. What Is Technology? - Definition & Types - Video & Lesson Transcript |

6.3. What is Technology?

6.4. Academic and Creative Writing journal Vikram Krave defined Technology as the knowledge of the manipulation of nature for human purposes. Refer:-

7. What is think now technology is

7.1. So far, i have seen technology as machines which simplifies work but it is rather more than that. Technology now means using of different ways or ideas to create or do something quicker without using a lot of workforce. Technology is not only what we think it is but rather more than that like a pen or pencil which has never ever come across my mind. We never realize but there are little things in life that is technology. Currently, we are all living in the modern technology generation which had various impacts both positive and negative but it has made life really simple.

8. Conclusion

8.1. Technology is the creativity of human that can do a task in an easier and faster way. It also assists in social connections around the globe as well as the collection of actual facts and data research round the globe. In short technology connects people everywhere and its difficult to live without it.

9. Advantages of modern technology

9.1. Innovation and Creativity took into the next level.

9.2. Much convenient to learn and grab information.

9.3. Communications features improved.

9.4. Increased the efficiency of people to complete particular tasks.

9.5. Huge impact in the education industry.

9.6. Connected people together through social networking.

9.7. Transportation facilities boosted the productivity.

9.8. The lifestyle became easier.

9.9. Improved diagnosis and curing equipment enhanced the health industry.

9.10. Entertainment gadgets improved to the extreme.

9.11. Improved the problem-solving ease.

9.12. Helped small businesses to grow faster.

9.13. Numerous equipment got lesser prices with new technologies.