What affect does random school drug testing have on the school environment?

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What affect does random school drug testing have on the school environment? by Mind Map: What affect does random school drug testing have on the school environment?

1. Random drug testing keeps school environment and groups safe.

1.1. Random drug testing keeps extra curricular activities safe and equal. students say that drug testing gives them a reason to say "no" to drugs (Evans).

1.1.1. David G. Evans, executive director of the Drug Free Schools Coalition said, "The goal of drug testing is to deter drug use and protect the health and safety of students, a goal that far outweighs any cry of privacy violation." (Evans). This means that they aren't drug testing kids to get them into trouble, they are drug testing them to help their health and safety.

1.1.2. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reports that, for the last six years schoolchildren in the USA have listed drugs as the most important problem they face (NCAA). This connects to the viewpoint of school drug testing because kids need help with drug use and need a reason to help get away and with the drug testing they have a reason to say no.

1.2. Drug testing keeps the learning centers safe, and it pressures kids not to do drugs (Samuels).

1.2.1. A branch of the U.S. Department of Education held a survey, and the schools with drug testing, 34 percent of students reported they “definitely” or “probably” would use substances covered by their school’s drug-testing program in the next 12 months, and without testing, 33 percent of students reported they would definitely or probably use covered substances. This makes me think that he drug testing could be beneficial to students.

1.2.2. federal evaluation of 4,700 students spread across seven states, students involved in extracurricular activities and subject to in-school random drug testing reported using drugs less often than their peers in high schools that didn’t have drug-testing program. This matters because it proves that the drug testing does work, and it makes students use drugs less.

1.3. why? kids will not want to do drugs because they will be to afraid that they will test positive especially if the tests are random.

1.4. why? Drug testing will keep extra curricular activities fair and safe for all students.

2. Random drug testing invades students privacy and has no effect.

2.1. students need to be in extra activities but they won't join because they don't want to take a drug test. Drug testing can also show false positives (Appele).

2.1.1. Dr. Lloyd D. Johnson, who works in the Office of Legal Affairs for Drug Policy Alliance, said "there really isn't an impact from drug testing as practiced.... I don't think it brings about any constructive changes in their attitudes about drugs or their belief in the dangers associated with using them." (Johnson). This means that not everyone believes that the drug testing could have an impact on students.

2.1.2. Fatema Gunja, who is director of the Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts, gathered a survey between 1998 and 2001, and 76,000 students nationwide in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades, said that drug testing did not have an impact on drug use with students, and athletes (Gunja). This matters because its been proven that the drug testing doesn't have an impact on a lot of students and its pointless.

2.2. Drug testing clearly endangers students' Fourth Amendment rights, which guard against searches without probable cause (Smith).

2.2.1. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said that random tests for athletes could be considered ''blanket searches of mostly innocent students.'' She said that ''suspicion based testing,'' invoking probable cause, would more effectively guard privacy rights (O'Connor). This makes me think that we don'y really need to drug test everyone. Its shown to be more effective on suspicion based testing than it is testing innocent students.

2.2.2. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor also argued "A false positive reading could have drastic effects on a child's life." (O'Connor). This connects to the viewpoint because it states how a false positive could effect an innocent child's life. It shows how the drug testing isn't always right.

2.3. why? because students are promised their privacy right at school and when you preform random drug testing then it invades that promise and it could urn illegal.

2.4. Students should be able to join in extra activities without being afraid of testing positive on a drug test, especially if they are prescribed.