what is the connection between bullying and suicide?

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what is the connection between bullying and suicide? by Mind Map: what is the connection between bullying and suicide?

1. bullying leads to suicide

1.1. bully victims, people that are bullied or bully other people are at a higher risk of committing suicide(school bullying).

1.1.1. the national center for injury prevention and control says that "bullying has a serious effect on the mental health, of anyone involved with bullying,including those who bully and those who get bullied," showing how it is related(school bullying). this quote means that all people involved in it can have the risk of suicide, or suicidal thoughts

1.1.2. the national center for injury prevention and control says that "bullying might not be a direct cause but it dose cause people to have emotional stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts," which means it is related and is a cause of it(school bullying). this quote make me think of how people who get bullied feel when they have suicidal thoughts

1.2. the teachers of the school did not understand how harsh the other kids were being to Ms.Prince they were unaware of the extent of the hazing(Eckholm).

1.2.1. Eckholm is trying to say that "Only after her death did the officials learn that she had been threatened and slurred since October," showing that the victim was bullied to a far extent and no officials were aware of it(Eckholm). this matters because since no one knew about it, or claim to not have known about it, they couldn't help the victim, it continued on for so long with out there acknowledgment, if we know we can stop it before something like this ever happens again

1.2.2. Darby O'Brien a friend of the prince family is saying that "ms. prince had told him that they have twice alerted there school," showing that the parents were worried about there daughters well being, and knew something was wrong(Eckholm). this quote means that the parents of the victim knew that there was something wrong and that they should take more percussion and protect the victim, we should always look into the situation

1.3. the author says this because anyone who is involved with bullying, whether it is the bully or the one being bullied, that they are at a higher risk of committing suicide

1.4. the author says this because the teachers at the students school did not know that the harassment and bullying was on a far extent

2. bullying does not lead to suicide

2.1. there is no good data or hard evidence that shows that bullying is a leading cause to suicide, not all people who are bullied commit suicide, and not everyone who commits suicide did it because of bullying(McBride).

2.1.1. McBride is trying to show us that "While it's a great quote, it implies that this girl has the ability, through random meanness, to inspire others to commit suicide," what she means by this is that it is impossible to inspire others to commit suicide through random meanness(McBride). this matters because its is saying that people who bully people, that it is impossible for them to inspire others to commit suicide

2.2. what this is talking about is that more Americans are killing themselves, committing suicide than dying in a car accidents(Barnes).

2.2.1. the CDC has done a study that was released on may 2 that shows that "81% of people that commit suicide do it from hanging, and 14% do it from firearms and 24% do it from poisoning," showing that the rise of suicide is not from bullying, but other reasons(Barnes). this quote means that suicide risk is growing and the different ways they that they commit suicide

2.2.2. the 2012 national strategy for suicide prevention states that "the population at large may be developing an increased risk of suicide because of the economic downturn, an underfunded mental health system, as well as an increasing inability to distinguish the point at which help should be offered to individuals,"other reasons why people commit suicide(Barnes). this quote shows different reasons why people commit suicide, that have nothing to do with suicide

2.3. the author says this because she wants people to know that there is no true fact that states that bullying really causes people to commit suicide

2.4. the author says this because he wants to show suicide is increasing vary rapidly but in different ways other than bullying