What is the effect of violent video games on teens?

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What is the effect of violent video games on teens? by Mind Map: What is the effect of violent video games on teens?

1. Violent video games do not cause aggressive behavior in teens.

1.1. Violent video games are just that; a game, and do not relate to real world violence (Meeks).

1.1.1. The author admits that he has "played gory video games, has snipped innocent bystanders and blown up almost 200 stolen cars in the game" but he's never lost his temper and gotten into a fist fight in reality because he is "fully aware that violence in the real world will land him in prison and is not what you should resort to" (Meeks). This quote makes me think that even if people play a violent video game they still have a strong sense of responsibility.

1.1.2. Video game historian and founder of the world's first comprehensive video game museum, Keith Feinstein, believes that "violence isn't necessarily a bad thing because we haven't won independence and gotten our rights or protected our loved ones without violence" (Meeks). This quote matters because it points out how we haven't gotten to where we are now without some form of violence.

1.2. Video games are just a form of entertainment and by no means are the cause of something so complex as violence (Leonard).

1.2.1. Amaris, the director of a mobile gaming company and a holder of a master's degrees in both Performance Studies and Interactive Telecommunications, discusses that in her own research Amaris has "used video games as barometers for a sexist, racist, or violent culture but never as a cause" (Leonard). This quote makes me think of how video games can be used as a measurement for violent acts but not as a cause.

1.2.2. A writer interviewed in the article makes a valid point that "the effects playing video games has cannot be reduced to blood and zombies just like you can choose just one book to define the art of literature" (Leonard). This quote matters because it shows that there aren't just violent video games out there but other genres too while everyone focuses on the blood and guns.

1.3. Because video games are just a simple form of entertainment.

1.4. Because even those who all they do is play violent games still know that it is wrong to apply what your player does in a game to what you do in the real world.

2. Violent video games cause aggressive behavior in teens.

2.1. When kids who are addicted to playing violent video games become aggressive chances are the game is at fault (Schaffer).

2.1.1. Three different psychologists that did a study of 430 kids in third, fourth and fifth grade found proof that "kids who play violent video games became more verbally aggressive and less helpful to others over the school year" (Schaffer). This quote makes me think that kids should start spending less time playing video games, especially violent ones.

2.1.2. Researchers assigned groups of people to compete against each other and found that when those who played violent games lost, they chose to "inflict a punishment on the winners" when given the option while those who didn't play the violent games chose to give no punishment (Schaffer). This quote shows that people who play violent video games are more prone to violence after being exposed to it so much.

2.2. Since nice and peaceful games have the effect of good behavior, violent and intense games are related to the cause of negative behavior (Flanagan).

2.2.1. A study completed by various researchers found that when the participants played a competitive game, those who play violent games were "upset and complained way more when they lost compared to the others who play more relaxed games" (Flanagan). This quote makes me think how games that are intense can lead to people feeling restless and not happy.

2.2.2. A group of researchers monitored the blood flow and reactions of various people seeing violent images and found that those who "regularly played games with lots of blood and gore were less affected and did not trigger the same scared reactions as the participants who haven't" (Flanagan). This quote shows that playing violent games can desensitize you to gory images.

2.3. Because the several studies involving kids and teens show that there is a correlation.

2.4. Because the characteristics and visuals of violent video games can cause people to become used to violence.