What is relationship between gun control and school shooting?

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What is relationship between gun control and school shooting? by Mind Map: What is relationship between gun control and school shooting?

1. Gun control won't prevent school shootings.

1.1. After Sandy Hook, the federal government was talking about gun control in order to prevent violence. However, Malcolm argues that the best solutions are local and in the family (Malcolm).

1.1.1. Everyone wants to stop gun violence, but, Malcolm argues, first, "we must identify the specific problems to be addressed involving school safety, mental illness, the cultural climate, and the misuse of firearms" (Malcolm). This quote argues that federal laws won't be effective in curbing the misuse of firearms if we don't first look at other problems.

1.1.2. Malcolm argues that "not all problems can be solved with government action" and any federal action to stop gun violence must be consistent with the Constitution (Malcolm). This makes me think that if any law is made about guns, it has to be in line with the constitution. Since I feel that gun control laws are important, I will keep this in mind.

1.2. The recent mass shootings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and a movie theater in Colorado have revived the controversy over gun control policy.(Washington Times )

1.2.1. "It is tempting after such unspeakable crimes to search for answers that will help prevent a repeat. The media immediately examine the purported killer's profile and make sweeping statements about mental health screening, public health programs, bigotry, the schools and popular culture."(Washington Times) This maters because the world wants to prevent gun violence and were it begins for example gang related or etc.

1.2.2. "Consider the five mass shootings in Wisconsin since 2004. Every one of the shooters had a different profile. The most recent before the Sikh temple shooting - a man who killed six in 2007 - was a sheriff's deputy furious about an ex-girlfriend. What could be done about that?"(Wastington Times) This gets me thinking that people kill for the dumbest things.

1.3. Because he believes that gun violence won't be solved by laws, but rather with changes in family culture.

1.4. Because he believes that the government should put stricker gun policy's and laws to prevent less gun deaths and shootings

2. Gun control can prevent school shootings.

2.1. Strict gun control laws will prevent gun violence (Leftwich).

2.1.1. "firearm-related death rate among U.S. children under the age of 15 is nearly 12 times higher than that among children in 25 other industrialized nations combined. This statistic is not surprising when one considers that Americans own far more civilian firearms"(Leftwich). This quote means that other nations with strict gun control prevent less deaths every than the U.S.

2.1.2. "Given this situation, state and local governments must act to protect the public from gun violence. Many regulatory options are available short of a complete ban on handguns. In 2001, the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago found overwhelming support for a variety of rational gun laws, including those to limit handgun sales to one per person per month"(Leftwich). This makes me think that the state and local government are acting to protect the public from gun violence. There thinking about banding handguns and a limit sales to one per person per mounth.

2.2. Because other countries that have strict gun control laws have fewer deaths.

2.3. Gun law advocates say that maybe using victims to testify before congress will help get gun control legislation passed (Bennett).

2.3.1. "I stood before the Sandy Hook families on that day in January to brief them on the basics of gun policy and politics. These are smart, educated people. They assumed that, in the wake of this horror, Congress would pass some long-overdue gun safety measures" This quote means that the family's of the victims want the government to place safety measures in school grounds to stop gun shooting and other horrific events.

2.3.2. "He and the other leaders of SHP were building the ship as it sailed, putting together an office, staffing it with volunteers, raising money, hiring consultants, tending to the many needs of the Sandy Hook community, and providing a support group for families of the victims as well as for those they call the "survivors"—the 12 kids who made it out alive from the two classrooms that were under attack." This quote makes me think that one of the branches of government were helping the family's and the 12 kids to help them out of the horrific event

2.4. Because people will feel sad about violence that has occurred and feel motivated to do something.