Does bullying cause school shootings?

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Does bullying cause school shootings? by Mind Map: Does bullying cause school shootings?

1. Bullying can lead to school shooting.

1.1. Most of the time school shooters are victims of bullying (Kalman).

1.1.1. A study conducted by Juvenile Crime reports, School shooters, they said, followed no set profile, but most were depressed and felt persecuted" (Kalman). This quote show that most of the people who commit school shooting are victims of bullying and feel depressed and felt attacked.

1.1.2. A study by Juvenile Crime states, "No one commits mass shootings and then turns their guns on themselves because they want to bully people. They do it because they feel like victims (Kalman). This quote shows that school shooters commit a mass shooting then kill themselves just because they want attention they want pay back.

1.2. For one and a half hours, Whitman started shooting at people down below, Killing 16 people and injuring 31 in what is known,as the first mass murder in America. 50 years ago Charles Whitman, a 25-year-old engineering student, climbed to the top of the tower at the University of Texas at Austin with assault rifles and began killing (Jervis).

1.2.1. A article at USA Today claims, "this was the largest mass murder of its kind up until then," he said. "We were not used to the idea that a person would do something like this and not give a damn whether he was going to live or die" (Jervis). This quote matters because this was the largest mass shooting that the time and it made others that were getting bulled to follow in its foot steps.

1.2.2. USA Today says, "Early on the morning of Aug. 1, 1966, Whitman killed his mother at her apartment near campus then drove to his South Austin home where he stabbed and killed his wife, Kathleen. Just before noon, he made his way into the tower, killing visitors and a secretary as he went (Jervis). This quote makes me think that people will do whatever they feel like no matter what no matter the consequences.

1.3. The author says this because he is stating that most of school shooters are victims of bullying.

1.4. The author says this because this was the first real "Mass shooting and this is what supposedly started it all.

2. Bullying can not lead to school shootings.

2.1. New security has been put in place to prevent school shootings like the one at Columbine (Hymowitz).

2.1.1. Juvenile Crime claims that, "Other reports told about the "Trench Coat Mafia," a group of outsiders, including Klebold and Harris, who wore black trench coats and plotted revenge against these alleged tormentors" (Hymowitz). This quote is important because this shows that the shooter at columbine high school were apart of the trench coat mafia and were not just soposed "bully victims".

2.1.2. Juvenile Crime states that, even the most hard-stretched communities somehow found the funds to get at the putative root cause of school violence (Hymowitz). This quote show that all schools are trying to get to prevent school violence as much as they can.

2.2. One question everyone kept asking about how it could have been prevented. A angry armed student unleashed a hailstorm of bullets on a group of people, leaving behind death Even if the Texas Tower attack was the first mass shooting of its kind, it's a stretch to say it started a trend “ (Grinberg).

2.2.1. A study conducted by CNN reports that, Since the UT Tower attack, mass shootings have been on the rise, both in terms of frequency and lethality, and, yet overall rates of crime are declining" (Grinberg). This quote is important because it states that school shooting are on the rise and need to be prevented as much as possible.

2.2.2. CNN states that, "Even if the Texas Tower attack was the first mass shooting of its kind, it's a stretch to say it started a trend" (Grinberg). This quote is important because it is saying that this mass school shooting did not start any kind of trend and that there must be another reason.

2.3. The author says this because new security has been in placed at school to prevent school shootings.

2.4. The author says this because he believes that the Texas Tower attack did not start mass school shooting but that there had already been school shooting just not of this size.