Little Red Riding Hood -modern version

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Little Red Riding Hood -modern version by Mind Map: Little Red Riding Hood -modern version

1. characters

1.1. The Mother

1.1.1. minor role- in the beginning of the story she advises on Little Red Riding Hood not to talk to strangers

1.2. Little Red Riding Hood

1.2.1. disobedient little girl who has no central role

1.2.2. is not eaten by the wolf

1.3. The Grandmother

1.3.1. almost absent meets at the end with Little Red Riding Hood

1.3.2. is not eaten by the wolf

1.4. The Wolf

1.4.1. the main character faces a dilemma tragic "hero"

1.4.2. frightened

1.4.3. confused

1.4.4. imprisoned in the ZOO

1.4.5. alive

1.4.6. sees two hosuses

1.4.7. chooses the prettier house

1.4.8. cunningly gets the information from the Little Red Riding Hood

1.5. The Hunter

1.5.1. rescuer character political correctness present morality

1.5.2. animal rights

1.6. Lord Valdemort

1.6.1. two different worlds which touch each other through this character

1.6.2. is engaged in a battle with Harry Potter and he confused the wolf

1.6.3. Fights Harry Potter

1.7. Harry Potter

1.7.1. he starts the end of the tale he looked at the wolf who scares

1.8. The protection of animals

1.8.1. put an acceptable end to wickedness of wolf they take him the wolf to the zoo

2. place

2.1. forest

2.1.1. strange place

2.2. meadow

2.2.1. two choices who many times keep of chance

2.3. dark house

2.3.1. danger

2.3.2. magic

2.3.3. frightening

2.4. in certain village

2.4.1. can happen anywhere

2.5. on the Zoo

2.5.1. safe place

3. turn of events

4. An alternate ending: After Lord Voldermort is vanished by Harry Potter, Potter realises that the wolf is severly wounded. He is in a dilemma, to end the wolf's life or save him. The only way to save him is that the spell is said by a truely good-hearted girl, because Voldemort's arrow was poisoned with an deadly magic potion. As the little red riding hood reaches grandma's house, Harry Potter looks at her eyes and sees that she found the person he wanted. After she says the spell, the wolf gains suddenly again his powers.By instict he suddenly attacks the girl and Potter and a hunter that passes by, shoots him in order to protect the two children. The wolf wakes up again wounded, but chained this time, while the hunter is taking him to the nearest zoo. Little Red Riding Hood and Potter have persuaded the hunter that the wolf deserves a second chance. He is saved by the zoo's doctors and till now heis kept in the zoo where Potter and the Little Red Riding Hood pay him every week a visit. The kindness of the two children that didn't let him die, have made wolf's heart more gentle. He misses his freedom in the wild, but he knows that with his changed heart will not survive any more in the woods. But in the end he feels happy, being taking cared of by people that admire him so much.

5. Or...On their way to the zoo the hunter and the wolf sat down for a while and they started to talk. There they become friends, they realized that as long as no-one ate anyone then no-one is guilty. They ate some sausages just to seal their friendship and the wolf runs free to the wood. And they lived happily ever after...

6. Little Red Riding Hood has been met with bad wolf. He tricked her to tell where is the grandmother's house. Little Red Riding Hood, while picked flowers, the wolf reaches grandmother's house. Here but ... surprise, there were two houses. He chooses the most beautiful house. He knocks on the door, but the door is opened. It's dark inside. The dark wizard Lord Voldemort appears as a flame. He shoot an arrow pointed toward the uninvited guest who is hiding scared. Harry Potter enters in the battle, he banish the wizard. Then he looks around and sees the wolf in a corner. Forgetting the grandmother the wolf rushes outside , where the hunter is waiting for him. He did not shoot the wolf but he announces the protection of animals, to taking him to the zoo.

7. modernity

7.1. insertion of new characters

7.2. the peaceful end of the conflict

7.3. juxtaposition

7.4. irony

7.5. breaking down of traditional thoughts

8. The story

9. New node

10. uchronia

10.1. begins with the moment of choice

10.1.1. wrong choice unhappy ending

10.2. characters from other worlds appears

10.3. the end of the story changes