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Goal Setting by Mind Map: Goal Setting

1. 4. People management I. (for other teams)

1.1. Slack notice

1.2. Improve stats

1.2.1. Visualize stats 가입/탈퇴 현황(기간, 성별, 나이...)

1.2.2. Notify stats data by any media. ex) mail, slack

1.2.3. Help to analyize or plan. (We need more meaningfull data. ex. trendy hotel in this month. recent user's reselling term.)

1.3. Improve to controll hotel

1.4. Enhance hotel contact list

1.5. Image automation

2. 3. Innovation

2.1. PWA

2.1.1. Push notification Implementation

2.2. Personalize

2.2.1. send message on right time

2.2.2. improve hotel recommending structure user`s basic info favorite specific service, hotel brand favorite area Emotional true story

2.2.3. Enhance popular algorithm

2.3. Search Engine

2.3.1. Add data to Elastic search

2.4. Vue.JS

3. 5. People management II. (for team)

3.1. CI

3.1.1. TDD Unit test

3.2. TechTalk

3.3. Group Study

3.3.1. docker

3.3.2. Vue.js

3.3.3. CSS3

4. SMART Goal • S : Specific (명확한) • M : Measurable (측정 가능한) • A : Attainable (실현 가능한) - action items • R : Relevant, Realistic (가치관에 따른, 현실적인) • T : Time-bound (완료 시한이 있는)

5. 1.Business Growth

5.1. Hotel review renewal

5.2. Improve Hotel registration process

5.2.1. Research

5.3. private tour modulation

5.4. Page optimization for search engines

5.4.1. Study about the SEO

5.4.2. Add parameter Add hotel name Add region name Add country Add hint to anchor tags or image tags If any hotel or any region is trendy, apply trendy tag at our system. ex) 윤식당, 꽃보다 할배

5.4.3. Consider logout page

5.4.4. More specific keyword Title tag Meta tag

5.4.5. Improve URL structure Seperate pages from goods directory

5.5. Add Coming sale alarming function for user

6. 2. Profitability

6.1. Page speed improvement

6.1.1. Exchange from imgIX to Thumbor (TW)

6.1.2. CloudFront

6.2. Security

6.3. API Server

6.4. Improving data structure

6.4.1. Removing old data

6.4.2. Saving specific number of calcurating View counting TTB Sales

6.5. docummentation

6.5.1. wiki

6.6. Using Google optimizer for A/B testing