Tone2 ElectraX Synthesizer 1.2 Update

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Tone2 ElectraX Synthesizer 1.2 Update by Mind Map: Tone2 ElectraX Synthesizer 1.2 Update

1. Key

1.1. Blue

1.1.1. New

1.2. Green

1.2.1. Improved

1.3. Red

1.3.1. Fix

1.4. Orange

1.4.1. Changes

2. GUI

2.1. Improved graphics with 4 new skins

2.2. Up/down controls now display an arrow and are more smooth to handle

3. Patch Management

3.1. 'Load patch to synth' allows to stack up to 4 patches for fat multitimbral sounds

3.2. 'Copy' button now includes the option to create 4x stereo unison patch

4. Filter

4.1. The filter section has been extended with multiple unique Fractal Filters. These innovative, new filter types are exclusive and not available from any other company.

4.2. Analog modeled 'Moog' filter (Analog controls self oscillation and non-linearity)

4.3. Analog modeled State Variable Low-pass with 'Filter-FM' (analog controls FM amount)

4.4. Nonlinear 12dB Low-pass 'LP Shaped' filter

5. About the Author

5.1. Mark Mosher Music

5.2. Albums

5.2.1. Reboot

5.2.2. I Hear Your Signals

5.3. Contact

6. Oscillator

6.1. Sample Handling

6.1.1. The oscillators now support drag&drop for wav and resynthesis import

6.1.2. Samples longer than 10 seconds can be loaded now

6.1.3. Loop/Single is automatically set on sample import

6.1.4. Octave/Semi is automatically detected from sample name (e.g. Piano_A-3.wav)

6.1.5. Last directory is remembered on wav load and fxp load/save

6.2. FM on/off, OSC on/off, Distortion type and Sync can also be changed during playback

6.3. Oscillators that are FM modulated by a deactivated source do no longer output noise

6.4. 'Analog' psychoacoustic mode has been improved

7. Mod Matrix

7.1. Last directory is remembered on wav load and fxp load/save

7.2. Mod Matrix destination 'Start' sets OSC start phase or sample start point

7.3. Mod Matrix destination 'Mix' crossblends between filter1 and filter2

7.4. Mod Matrix sources 'Midi CC', 'Breath', 'Foot', 'Expression', 'Hold'...

7.5. Mod Matrix source 'VoiceNr' returns a value which depends on the current voice number

7.6. Mod Matrix source 'NumKeys' counts the number of pressed keys for more dynamic expression

7.7. Mod Matrix source 'KeySat.' returns a saturated version of key follow

7.8. Mod Matrix source 'Impulse' returns a 1ms long impulse suitable for attack sounds

7.9. Mod Matrix: 12 additional analog 'Decay' envelopes as source

8. Settings

8.1. Improved sound when using glide mode

9. Effects

9.1. Insert

9.1.1. Trancegate is now only available as Insert Effect

10. Stand-Alone Version

10.1. Native PC 64 Bit standalone version

11. General

11.1. 20 additional patches

11.2. Fixed a crash which could happen if patches were loaded during playback

11.3. Fixed a possible problem with could result in hanging notes

11.4. Fixed a rarely appearing problem where the plugin did not output sound

11.5. Fixed a rarely appearing GUI freeze

11.6. Fixed a click in sample playback

11.7. Fixed a possible glitch in the filters

11.8. ElectraX is more robust against broken Midi data which is sent by hosts

11.9. Improved CPU compatibility

11.10. Waiting icon is now displayed during patch load

11.11. Smarter installer

12. Tone2

12.1. Buy/Try ElectraX