The meaning of technology.

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The meaning of technology. by Mind Map: The meaning of technology.

1. Veiws initially on technology.

1.1. Well according to me, technology is what that facilitates our life and makes it easier. It has now completely mixed up with our life that mostly no-one can think of their life without the tech. If the mankind was able to reach this far in science, medical etc. is because of the technological evolution. Technology is not just confined to TV, laptops but everything that makes our life easier and interesting is technology.

1.2. Going through some articles, I found a one very interesting written by Tracy Mitrano in which she says that technology is a process which is never going to end and is going to evolve and excel. The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life- Bill Gates.

1.3. Almost every day we use technology. We talk about technology. We get frustrated with, and by, technology. But what is technology? Is it limited to 'Smart' devices like our Smart Phones or laptops? Is it a car? Does it include one of the greatest technological advances of all time, fire? Or is it like Alan Kay says, "anything that wasn't around when you were born" (Greenish, 2013). This is where we need to start. If we cannot define technology, how can we talk about?

2. The history of technology in education. As can be seen in his video that technology has changed teaching system to a great extent by replacing old and slow learning ways into interactive and smart ways.

3. Final views on technology

3.1. This reading through the course material has changed my thinking to a really great extent. It has changed our medical systems, teaching systems, travelling and what not.

4. Some side effects of technology

4.1. Technology Changes the Way Children Think. Technology Changes the Way Children Feel. Technology Can Put Privacy and Safety at Risk. More Use of Technology with Less Physical Activity Leads to Obesity.

4.2. some more of those effects on the whole society are Isolation, lack of social skills, obesity, depression, poor sleep habits, pollution etc.

5. Positive effects of technology

5.1. Communication, trade and industry, education, medicine, bringing lives closer

5.2. Positive effects of Technology Buzzle explains how, with the use of technology tweens have access to we have made phenomenal medical breakthroughs, better modes of transport, GPS and satellite technology, and electronic gadgets to help with household chores. Positive affects of technology surrounds us in daily life, not just at school.

5.3. Technology for Social Good: Kim Box at TEDxSacramentoSalon Kim Box explains how technology has proved to be useful socially.

6. Creative aspect

6.1. It is the first time for me that I am doing an online discussion and that too not on word but this very creative mind-map tool. This has uplifted my creativity to a great extent but using all the information provided in course material and internet to learn new things and designing ways.

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