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Lesson Plans by Mind Map: Lesson Plans

1. PBS Teachers

1.1. This website has so many options that a teacher can use. Once I got logged in, I could choose a grade level along with a subject. Then, I can choose what type of information I want to use in my class. For instance, I could find audio clips, videos, images, documents, and lesson plans.

1.1.1. The lesson plans come with an overview, what the learning objectives are, what materials will be needed, what should happen during the lesson, and a list of questions that teachers should ask that will make the students think. If I am working with diverse learners, I can also choose what language I need. This will definitely come in hand for teaching special education. What will also be nice for teaching special education is that the website offers interactive work, which will get the students participating more.

2. Sharemylesson.com

2.1. This is one of my favorite websites. The first thing you have to do is create an account.

2.1.1. What I really like about this website is that in the subject area, there is an option for working with special education students. On the websites that I have been to, there never seems to be materials that deal with special education, only things like language arts, science, math and social studies.

2.2. Once you create an account, you choose your grade level and what subject you are looking for.

2.2.1. So once you pick your subject, the website gives you hundreds of subtopics to work with. for example, I clicked on the Special Education topic for early elementary. My screen popped up with ideas for materials in the classrooms, flash card ideas, and critical thinking questions. The Special Education topic also provide information ans ideas for creating a student's IEP. Mostly everything is in a PDF, so all you have to do is download it, or print it off.