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Computers by Mind Map: Computers
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Movie Project

Sketch up

Windows Movie Maker

dream home designed in Sketchup.

VR Project

Johari link

Family tree


The website

included a page for each subject, Math, International Relations, Biology, English, Computer

About my self, about my self, Resume

Self evaluation


Week 1

Quiz: History of Computing

Week 2

Quiz: Hardware

Week 3

Quiz: Key Commands

Week 4

Computer Basics

Week 5

Internet Literacy Quiz

Week 6

More Basics About Computers

Week 7

Computer Vocabulary Quiz

Week 8

Computer Vocabulary

week 9

Computer Networks

Week 10

Quiz - Simulations

Week 11

Computer Basics: The Mystery of the CPU Unveiled!

Week 12

Quiz - Networks

Week 13

Computer Vocab Revisited

Week 14

Computer Vocabulary: Are you my mother(board)?

Week 15

More computer vocabulary

Week 16

Computer Basics Revisited Week 16

Week 17

Computer Basics: Secrets of the Computer!

Week 18

Computer vocabulary