Cameron's Pursuit of Opportunity

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Cameron's Pursuit of Opportunity by Mind Map: Cameron's Pursuit of Opportunity

1. Music

1.1. Music Production

1.1.1. Pros

1.1.2. Since my sister is already pursuing Music Production, it may impact my decision of choosing a music production to become my career

1.1.3. I have a sufficient fundamental knowledge of music through playing the violin

1.1.4. I have a huge passion for creating music

1.1.5. Cons

1.1.6. Do not possess much prior knowledge to music production

1.1.7. I am occasionally disorganised; producing music would be difficult for me

1.1.8. I am not very self-motivated to pursue music production

1.2. Orchestral Player

1.2.1. Pros

1.2.2. Played the violin for 11-12 years - Lot of experience with my intrument

1.2.3. Already have 9 years of experience in playing with an Orchestra

1.2.4. Have been a Concert Master of Orchestras for 5 years in total - accumulated leadership experience

1.2.5. Cons

1.2.6. I have ADHD; hard to sit still on stage for long periods of time

1.2.7. I have ADHD; periodically impulsive - severe difficulty when counting bars

1.2.8. Often times, a 6 hour rehearsal seems very boring to me...

1.2.9. Pieces/repertoire sometimes become too repetitive

1.3. (Violin) Soloist

1.3.1. Pros

1.3.2. Sometimes, I am self-motivated to practice on my own without my parents keeping me in check

1.3.3. Played the violin for 11-12 years - Lot of experience with my intrument

1.3.4. I have a passion to play

1.3.5. Cons

1.3.6. Too competitive; must be one of the best to really profit and "succeed"

1.3.7. Not usually fully committed to playing the violin; other people in the world practice day and night - I would not stand a chance against them

1.3.8. Its a dying occupation; Solo violin performances are very rare as of now

1.3.9. Not a lot of income can be earned

1.4. (Violin)Teacher

1.4.1. Pros

1.4.2. Played the violin for 11-12 years - Lot of experience with my intrument

1.4.3. Played since I was a little kid; know how/what a teacher should teach

1.4.4. Switched violin teachers many times; I know how or what style I can teach my students with to be effective

1.4.5. I used to help my friends play their Orchestral parts in class together; taught other people to play beforehand

1.4.6. Cons

1.4.7. I can often be impatient when teaching someone new to the violin something [ADHD]

1.4.8. Payment would not always be very good

1.4.9. I not adept in communicating with children; teaching them, however, would be much harder

2. Design

2.1. Architecture

2.1.1. Pros

2.1.2. My dad is an Architect; and is passionate for his job

2.1.3. I traveled to different counties to visit the various international architectural designs; I have a steady, first-person, background of knowledge regarding architecture

2.1.4. I help my dad create and design things for the house; gives me a better insight of how an infrastructure could look nice

2.1.5. Cons

2.1.6. Did not study a lot of art at school; studied music for the majority of my childhood - replacing music with art would be a tough decision

2.1.7. Sometimes I am careless; (e.g.) I may forget a digit in a measurement and "ruin everything" - the building may collapse

2.1.8. I may become impatient when it comes to working with a project partner for architectural building designing

2.2. Interior Design

2.2.1. Pros

2.2.2. I have an enormous passion for interior designing

2.2.3. I am self-motivated and gifted at making any room look nice (e.g. my Bickle rooms)

2.2.4. My family, especially on my dad's side, are a line of construction designers; My family would support me fully with this career

2.2.5. Cons

2.2.6. I have trouble identifying colours that go well together or with something else

2.2.7. (ADHD) I am very bad at time management; project deadlines can become very difficult to follow for me

2.2.8. Throughout my childhood, I was never taught anything about Interior Designing; I only relied on natural instinct

3. Athletics

3.1. Basketball

3.1.1. Pros

3.1.2. I have a strong passion to play Basketball

3.1.3. I love it; basketball keeps me happy outside the gym

3.1.4. I have prior experience with playing in school organised teams, including teams outside of school

3.1.5. I practice playing basketball in the gym everyday for at least an hour

3.1.6. Cons

3.1.7. I am too short and weak to pursue any basketball career

3.1.8. I am self-taught; almost never had a coach to teach me the right way to play the game

3.1.9. I cannot function properly in tough game situations

3.2. Table Tennis

3.2.1. Pros

3.2.2. Played table tenis for 5 years with an instructor

3.2.3. Won a Gold Medal for my school and was chosen to be one of the REPs for the school team

3.2.4. I love playing table tennis

3.2.5. Cons

3.2.6. Difficult to practice; not easy to find someone as skilled as I am to practice with whenever

3.2.7. Stopped playing after I moved to Canada

3.2.8. Too competitive in China

3.3. Golf

3.3.1. Pros

3.3.2. I have a talent for the game - made 2 whole-in-ones on Par 3's in my first week of playing on a golf course

3.3.3. My dad loves the sport as much as I occasionally do and fully supports me whenever I play

3.3.4. In a school organised golf tournaments, ended up shooting 17 over par (89) during only my 1st season of golf

3.3.5. Cons

3.3.6. Started much later than other people; much more difficult when competing against people my age

3.3.7. Don't get to play/practice all the time

3.3.8. Golf or Golf-Club etiquette is very hard to comply with very often

4. Science

4.1. Astronomy

4.1.1. Pros

4.1.2. Love studying stars and the planets outside of the milky way

4.1.3. I was self-motivated to finish my Astronomy project in Grade 9 on my own

4.1.4. I love thinking about the different variables when it comes to the creation of a planet

4.1.5. Cons

4.1.6. Subject is too different from my all-round strengths (Violin Playing, Basketball, Design, etc.)

4.1.7. As a scientist, I would not gain a lot of money

4.1.8. Astronomy requires a lot of patients, which I sometimes do not possess

4.2. Chemistry

4.2.1. Pros

4.2.2. I am very self-motivated to learn about Chemistry on my own; my chemistry unit this year has by-far the best score yet

4.2.3. Like my mom, I am very good with numbers and identifying Chemical compounds

4.2.4. I understand chemistry better than any other science subject

4.2.5. Cons

4.2.6. My family isn't considered to excel at science, genetically speaking

4.2.7. I am sometimes careless when it comes to taking notes or following directions; which are very important to any scientist

4.2.8. As a scientist, I would not gain a lot of money

4.3. Crystallography

4.3.1. Pros

4.3.2. I had a passion for studying minerals and crystals since my Grade 5 science class

4.3.3. Collected Rocks from almost every country I visited (except for concrete...)

4.3.4. I was self-motivated to learn about crystals when I was young

4.3.5. Cons

4.3.6. As I grew older, my observations of rocks started to fade away

4.3.7. Not a lot of money would be involved in my career

4.3.8. The topic is almost irrelevant from all my other courses, excluding Science and Geo; I quickly lost interest as soon as I became occupied by other