How does video games and anti-social behavior affect people?

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How does video games and anti-social behavior affect people? by Mind Map: How does video games and anti-social behavior affect people?

1. " the APA says there still isn't enough research into whether games cause actual criminal violence" (Do video games)

2. Beause.. With the evidence stated, see there is alot of things that could influence kids to do something but they dont. Its like perr presure for the analogy

3. The most recent statistics available from the Entertainment Software Association back Amaris up. As the relative percentage of console and PC gamers has declined, mobile and social gaming has shot up—and the gender and age breakdown of gamers has become more similar to society's demographics at large. ('Video Gamae Culture'').

3.1. Beacuse.. They have declined from sitting in there rooms and playing games to now playing games on htere phone but they are usally with people or playing aganst poeple so its fine.

3.2. I can play games on my phone, or on a tablet, or on any of my computers. the indie games that seem the most attractive or the mobile games that shoot up the app charts fastest are the games that put a premium on being clever or funny or interactive. The hardcore gamer is a niche, soon to be overwhelmed by a world in which, one way or another, we're all gamers. And that's all right. ''(Video Games Culture').

3.2.1. See thats why it doesnt promote those types of behaviors, the green proves my point right there.

3.2.2. They had to pick up paperclips out of a bucket of ice cold water either after reporting that they were avid gamers or actually playing a video game. ''(Violent Video Games''). I dont really see how this could imerse gamers or not, some people dont like to dedicate their whole life to video games and other do.

4. People who play videogames do not promote anti-socal behaviors

4.1. The most violent video games reflect a cesspool of sexist, racist, and brutal tendencies, creating feelings of shame among some players. At the same time, however, gaming as a culture cannot be reduced to hate and violence. Also, games that encourage collaboration and community involvement are a significant part of gaming and must be acknowledged. ('Video Game Culture'').

4.1.1. "'Minecraft' is open-ended," says Leavitt. "Your imagination is at the forefront of how you play the game. You are not forced to interact with the dialogues and discourses that 'Grand Theft Auto' literally shoves in your face, before you even play the game, just in the way it is advertised. In that sense, game culture is dictated by the game." (''Video Games Cutlure''). See you can do other stuff you can play these fun games with your freinds and family, thats why video games dont promote antisocial behavior. In another study, a group of researchers looked at reactions to faces in pain for gamers, while they lay in fMRI machines. (''Violent Video Games''). I mean... its a good and bad thing that these people did this, it helps them if they were having problems and if they needed to fix that problem.

5. People who play video games promote antisocial behaviors

5.1. Resaerch demonstrates a good realtion and that it promotes antio social behavior and it also causes aggresion ("Do video games''). ''(How do you'').

5.1.1. Nonetheless, a University of Michigan team found in 2003 that "research suggests that every violent TV show (a child sees) increases a little bit the likelihood of a child growing up to behave more aggressively in some situation." (How do you)'' How you cant find the evidence bc there is alot of people who play video games. Violence is a common thing in the world today, everyone could get a little violent at times.

5.2. Beause...With the evidence on the document stated, people can get more angry if they die on a level and that could cause anger and aggression.

5.3. Dramatically or comically portrayed violence is elevated to the same order of magnitude as witnessing real violence on TV. Does that make sense? The difference between fictional violence and real violence gets at the very meaning of what "violence" is and what puts people on their guard vs. what entertains them. ''(How do you'').

5.3.1. Beginning in the 1970s, researchers began defining media violence so broadly that it lost its meaning. Violence was defined as anything ranging from the content of children's cartoons to the realistic portrayals of violence in movies. The absurdity of this definition shows up in the often repeated claim that by the time a child finishes elementary school, that child has seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of violence on TV. ''(How do you''). Thats alot of times a child has seen viloence, but we cant shy away from that, it is a common accurance in the world we live in today

5.3.2. Researchers have expanded the definition of aggressive behavior, as well. They have defined it as "any aggressive act against another person" -- giving the middle finger to other people, accumulating a lot of traffic violations, verbal expressions of materialism, admissions of making mean faces at others, and criticizing the appearance of others. ''(How do you''). I mean... its pretty sad to see that happening around the world today, but the kids are just immature, it will die down tho.

5.4. Beause..With the evidence the document stated, voilence can be very differnt meanings to a person(s)