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Brexit by Mind Map: Brexit

1. Political

1.1. Adopt with EU on Brexit problem

1.1.1. real time on leaving

1.1.2. solve the relationship between both

1.2. The level of lose in Brexit

1.2.1. Payment to EU for leaving

1.3. Wealth Fare

1.4. Keep united Kingdom in group rather than break up

2. Background

2.1. Timeline

2.1.1. Time start vote: 23rd Jute 2016

2.1.2. Time of planned law for Brexit: 29th March 2017, after two year in 2019 will leave EU

2.2. History

2.2.1. David Cameron make a vote of Stay in EU or not

3. Economics

3.1. People income decrease

3.2. Value of pounds will suddenly decrease

3.2.1. Affect export and import rate

3.3. control of Inflation rate

3.4. Business environment

3.4.1. What is the new rules in between both side

3.5. the benefit of London, stay in strong and still one of the most big economics of scale

4. Social Problem

4.1. Citizen cannot easily go other place in EU

4.2. UK have to spend lots of money for EU organisation

4.3. right and protection welfare of EU people in UK

5. Advantages

5.1. No need to spend such a high taxes to EU

5.2. Wealth fare

5.2.1. More money using on public rather than