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Sleep by Mind Map: Sleep

1. Thing to do before sleeping

1.1. before going to bed you should read a book or do something relaxing

1.2. take a shower or a bath before going to bed

1.3. try and drink a hot cup of milk before going to bed

1.4. Before going to sleep try deep breathing

1.5. Before going to bed make sure you're bedroom is dark

1.6. go to bed at the same time as you usually go to bed

1.7. etc

2. What sleep can do to you

2.1. Sleep can store what you have learnt that day in your brain, you need sleep to have a good memory.

2.2. It can make you healthy, happier and positive

2.3. Sleep can give you energy

3. Why we sleep

3.1. To relax our brain after all that hard work of the day

3.2. We need to sleep because if not you can get stupider, fatter, unhappier, poorer, sicker, as well more likely to get cancer, Alzheimer's and to die in a car crash.

3.3. to relax our body after standing, walking and sitting all day

4. Things not to do before sleeping

4.1. Do not drink soda before going to sleep

4.2. Do not consume caffeine before going to sleep

4.3. Do not use any electronics before going to bed

4.4. Try not to snack on fatty foods

4.5. don't turn up the heat

4.6. don't stress about life before going to bed

4.7. Do not sleep with a bright light on

4.8. etc