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Dubai by Mind Map: Dubai

1. Business Etiquette

1.1. very Western but has strong Islamic roots.

1.1.1. male & female - being smart, stylish and modest in dressing is a MUST For example : suit and tie compulsory for men when attend meeting

2. Customs

2.1. Arab meetings are very relaxed and may take place in informal locations such as restaurants

2.1.1. Punctuality is not heavily emphasized in Dubai. Partners may not be on time to meetings Dubai is mildly conservative. Women have to right to cover their body with the hijab or burqa

3. Communication Protocols

3.1. Greet the most senior person in the room first. Handshakes are a common practice and may last for a long time. A man should wait for an Arab woman to extend her hand first. Similarly a woman should wait for an Arab man to extend his hand first

3.1.1. Business in Dubai is built on familiar relationships. It is normal for business partners to ask questions about your family and want to get to know more about them

4. Holidays and Celebrations

4.1. There are 10 official holidays in Dubai every year. 7 are important dates on the Islamic calendar and 3 are adopted from the West which are New Year's, Christmas and National day

5. Levels of Education

5.1. Education is compulsory for boys and girls from ages 5 to 15. The main medium of teaching is Arabic with an emphasis on English as a second language

5.1.1. Dubai also has a large number of international high schools which offer different types curriculum such as IGCSE

6. Religious Beliefs

6.1. The official religion of Dubai is Islam. Most residents are observant Muslims, hence there are many Muslim practices that must be taken note of

6.1.1. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork and consume alcohol Societal law is based on the Qur'an