The Picture of Dorian Gray von Pauline

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The Picture of Dorian Gray von Pauline by Mind Map: The Picture of Dorian Gray von Pauline

1. minor part

1.1. Lady Agatha

1.2. Mrs. Vane

1.3. James Vane

2. (important) characters

2.1. Basil Hallward

2.1.1. the painter of Dorian's portrait

2.2. Sibyl Vane

2.2.1. the girl who is hurt by Dorian

2.3. Lord Henry

2.3.1. introduces Dorian to the British society

2.4. Dorian Gray

2.4.1. main protagonist from the novel

3. events

3.1. Basil Hallward painted the portrait of Dorian Gray

3.1.1. Dorian wishes to stay as young and as beautiful as the portrait

3.2. Dorian and Sibyl Vane are in love; he wants to marry her

3.3. James Vane (Sibyl Vane) brother is suspicious about their love

3.4. Dorian wants to introduce her to his friends (Basil & Lord) in the theatre, but Sibly acts badly this night

3.4.1. Dorian is disappointed and they fight

3.4.2. Dorian writes a letter to apologize to Sibly; doesn't send it

3.5. Sibyl Vane commits suicide

3.6. James Vane finds Dorian outside an opium den

3.7. Dorian faints

3.7.1. he remembers that it was the sight of James Vane’s face at the window that had caused him to faint, and terror fills his heart.

3.8. Dorian sees James Vane under a sheet-dead

3.8.1. Dorian is relieved

4. key scenes

4.1. painting of the portrait of Dorian Gray

4.2. Dorian meets Lord Henry for the first time

4.3. the love story between Sibyl Vane and Dorian Gray

4.4. after the death of Sibyl Dorian realises that the portrait gets older instead of him

4.5. Dorian murders Basil

4.6. Dorian vows to change his life and be good.

4.7. the death of Dorian Gray

4.7.1. after he thrust the painting

4.7.2. Dorian's servants find him lying on the floor with a knife through his heart