Syllabication Rules

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Syllabication Rules by Mind Map: Syllabication Rules

1. Examples: * in-side* foot-ball * tooth-brush

2. Example: *star-ed *fund-ed

3. 9.when - ed comes at the end f a word ,it forms a syllable only when precceded by d or t

4. 10. consonant blends and diagraphs are never separated

5. 11.a compound word is divided between the two words that make the compound word.

6. 12.when a single onsonant comes between to vowels in a word,it is usually divided before the consonant if the vowel is long.

7. Examples: ba-sin * fe-ver * ma-jor

8. 1. When two consonants come between two vowels in a word, divide syllables between the consonants.

9. 3. When there is one consonant between two vowels in a word, divide the syllables after the first vowel.

10. examples: *ca-jole *bo-nus *plu-ral *gla-cier

11. 4. If following the previous rule doesn’t make a recognizable word, divide the syllables after the consonant that comes between the vowels.

12. Exampes: *doz-en *ech-o *meth-od *cour-age

13. 5. When there are two vowels together that don’t represent a long vowel sound or a diphthong, divide the syllables between the vowels.

14. 6. every syllable has one vowel sound.

15. 7.A one syllable word is never divided.

16. Examples: * stop *feet *bell

17. 8. wen a word eads in le ,precceded by a consonant.The word is divided before that consonant.

18. examples: pur-ple *fum-ble * mid*dle

19. Examples: *cli-ent *po-em *cha-os *li-on *qui-et

20. Examples: *rest-ing *bush-el *reach-ing

21. Examples: * em-ploy *mon-ster *en-trance *bank-rupt

22. 2.When there are more than two consonants together in a word, divide the syllables keeping the blends together.

23. Examples *cof-fee *bor-der *plas-tic *jour-ney