Multilingual education

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Multilingual education by Mind Map: Multilingual education

1. Phenomena such as globalization and social inclusion, contribute to the spread of multilingualism

2. use of two or more languages, either by an individual speaker or by a society of speakers

3. this is a training that uses two or more languages

4. The term multilingual education includes at least two hundred possible models of how to combine two languages in study

5. In the population of the world, multilingual predominate over single-language

6. As world experience shows, multilingual education helps children:

7. One of the goals of multilingual education, which should be achieved, is respect for each other

8. reduce time to learn a second language;

9. to achieve success in education

10. to achieve good results in these critical academic subjects, like mathematics, science and history;

11. One of the goals of multilingual education, which should be achieved, is respect for each other

12. People who speak multiple languages at the same time are called polyglots

13. Due to the fact that the Internet has greatly facilitated access to information, including in foreign languages, people are increasingly faced with foreign languages even without direct contact with their native speakers

14. Multilingual Education is the use of the function of three languages as a means of learning, one of which is English, as part of an organized programme that encompasses all or part of the content of learning and includes the development of history and culture in relation to the mother tongue

15. The Multilingual Education model has long been successfully applied in different multi-lingual and multi-ethnic countries like Canada and Switzerland

16. In a multilingual education model, two or more languages are used as teaching languages in the same classroom 3 Онлайн переводчик - бесплатный переводчи