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Parental Involvement in Education by Mind Map: Parental Involvement in Education
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Parental Involvement in Education

Parent involvement is defined as, "Parents interaction with schools and with their children to promote academic success ." (Hill and tyson p. 741)  

behavioral involvement


home based instruction strategies inlude;   engaging in educational activities at home school support for parenting (like training programs) involvement between the school and community agencies  


"behavioral involvement includes both home-based and school-based involvement strategies, such as active connections and communication between and school, volunteering at school, and assisting with homework." (Hill & Tyson pg. 741)   school based instruction strategies include;   volunteering at school communication between parents and teachers involvement in school governance  


volunteering at school

communication between parents and teachers.

involvement in school governance


parental training programs

parental reinforcement of learning at home

cognitive-intellectual involvement

Check out

exposing children to stimulating activitiesand experiences

personal involvement

attitude & expectation

Middle school context

large and complex

multiple teachers/less interaction

curricular choices complicate involvement

Early Adolescent development

autonomous, active decision making

Ethnic variations

African-American vs. European American

"historical and contemporary experiences may influenc the nature of parental involvement and its influence" ( Hughes et al.,2006)


Meta-Analysis is the technique applied to synthesis the results in the article. Meta-Analysis is used as stated by Hill and Tyson, " determine the extent to which parental involvement is positively associated with achievement outcomes in middle schools and which types of involvement have strongest relation."(Hill & Tyson p. 743)

1. academic socialization: It has a strong positive relation with achievement outcome.

2. home & school based: These types of involvement will have smaller relations with achievement outcome.