Project Ideas

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Project Ideas by Mind Map: Project Ideas

1. Who Hates whom, Who is sleeping with whom, who is honest, who is a cheat?

2. Gossip

3. Therefore? Language evolves as a means of gossipping!!?!

4. Social co-operation is key for survival and reproduction

5. Homo Sap = Social Animal

6. Info Sharing: As society evolves, its' more necessary to share info about each other, rather than, eg, external dangers?

7. Necessary?

8. Trust?

9. Hair/Beard

10. Meeple

10.1. Use as Tabloid Letterhead?

11. The 4th Estate

12. Maslows Hierarchy Needs: Danger & Food Lower Order,---- Gossip Higher Order... So Language evolve, as required, according to Maslow!!!

13. Use of recycle stuff fromWoW

14. homeless bench