Project Ideas

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Project Ideas by Mind Map: Project Ideas

1. Who Hates whom, Who is sleeping with whom, who is honest, who is a cheat?

2. Gossip

3. Therefore? Language evolves as a means of gossipping!!?!

4. Social co-operation is key for survival and reproduction

5. Homo Sap = Social Animal

6. Info Sharing: As society evolves, its' more necessary to share info about each other, rather than, eg, external dangers?

7. Necessary?

8. Trust?

9. Use of recycle stuff fromWoW

10. homeless bench

11. Hair/Beard

12. Meeple

12.1. Use as Tabloid Letterhead?

13. The 4th Estate

14. Maslows Hierarchy Needs: Danger & Food Lower Order,---- Gossip Higher Order... So Language evolve, as required, according to Maslow!!!