Proposal context

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Proposal context by Mind Map: Proposal context

1. What has influenced your choice of pathway?

1.1. My pathways was influenced by not only what I wanted to do and what I excel in, it was influenced by what I need I needed to show for my FMP. My strengths within this project would have to be marketing, hence why I will base my project mainly around this.

2. My project idea

2.1. My final business Idea is to create a range of clothing for both dogs and their owners, suitable for when on dog walks or around the house including matching dog and owner outfits. I am also creating a collection for dogs with disabilities which is designed to help them in everyday life. I was influenced to do this because I myself love dogs and have a disabled dog so to be able to incorporate her would be amazing.

3. What do I know now?

3.1. I have learned many things and gained different skills I didn't know I had for future life, whether that be in university or in work. I have decided I want to progress into a work place, after going on my 3 week work placement it has confirmed to me I really want to get into the world of work. So I will be applying for internships so I will be able to work when I finish.

4. Choice of pathway

4.1. 20% Buying

4.1.1. Project specifications

4.1.2. End User requirements

4.1.3. Action points sign-off

4.2. 60% Marketing

4.3. 20% Styling

4.3.1. Top Priorities

4.3.2. Medium Priorities

4.3.3. Low Priorities

5. Reflect on my progress

5.1. 1st and 2nd year units 1-11

5.1.1. The grade I finished with was a Merit which I was really happy about as I worked really hard to achieve this. My strengths were meeting deadline and following my development plans and smart targets. My weaknesses throughout the project, would have to be: attention to detail, going forward I will ensure I elaborate on my work and go into full detail. The knowledge I gained more insight in the world of marketing and fashion.The skills I gained was IT, time management and planning.