TPACK MODEL by: Kim Tufts

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TPACK MODEL by: Kim Tufts by Mind Map: TPACK MODEL by:   Kim Tufts

1. Dr. Punya Mishra is the founder behind the TPACK model He is currently the Associate Dean of Scholarship & Innovation,Professor, Leadership & InnovationMary Lou Fulton Teacher's College,Arizona State University. Click arrow to go to his bio page.

2. Who?

3. Why?

3.1. Why do we use the TPACK Model - As a technology integrator, teacher and Graduate Professor the TPACK model is important to the work I do in the classroom. In order to be effective, and I believe this applies to all genres of teaching - one must be sound in their content knowledge. To do this one must be in command of their environment and understand what sound pedagogy looks like, is there a proper classroom management present, method of teaching (experienced educator)? Then one can integrate the technology to add the "tools" to show the learning that is happening.

4. What?

4.1. TPACK Model

4.2. TPACK = Technology + Pedagogy + AND + Content Knowledge

5. Where?

5.1. The role of TPACK in the Physics Classroom Example

5.1.1. TPACK or SAMR? Math Class Examples

5.2. Learning Activities

5.2.1. Lesson Planning Template

6. Many comparisons have been made to the SAMR model - This offers more of a process of how to adapt a lesson and transform it through the stages by adding technology.

7. TPACK with Dr. Mishra

8. TPACK in 2 minutes

9. Strengths / Weaknesses

9.1. Strengths - This model explains in order to have strong technology integration in the classroom, it is not about the tools themselves, rather a combination of strong teaching practice, mastery of your subject matter you teach along with understanding of the tools that could be used to help students express their learning. It is clear and evident to the reader what three areas must be used to accomplish the solid foundation of using technology in the classroom. Weakness: There is not a clear cut process of how to carry this out in the classroom. It is left up to the interpretation of the educator as to what each area means specifically. What if a teacher is new and does not have strong pedagogy? How do they fix this one area of the three? What if they are content specialists and great at teaching but do not have the knowledge of how to integrate the technology tools into the classroom? What support exists for these educators?

10. How

10.1. How do all 3 of these areas work together to formulate the process of TPACK? “Underlying truly meaningful and deeply skilled teaching with technology, TPACK is different from knowledge of all three concepts individually. Instead, TPACK is the basis of effective teaching with technology, requiring an understanding of the representation of concepts using technologies; pedagogical techniques that use technologies in constructive ways to teach content; knowledge of what makes concepts difficult or easy to learn and how technology can help redress some of the problems that students face; knowledge of students’ prior knowledge and theories of epistemology; and knowledge of how technologies can be used to build on existing knowledge to develop new epistemologies or strengthen old ones” (Koehler & Mishra, 2009).

10.2. How can we apply this to the classroom? Click the arrow to the right for a great example and some more explanation.

10.2.1. Digital Citizenship Lesson with students CK - Content Knowledge - As a technology educator this is my specialty. I understand the digital citizenship content, know experts and websites to share with the students regarding the most up to date information relating to being a good digital citizen. Some sites I use a lot are Common Sense Media, Netsmartz, or iSafe. PK - Pedagogy - How will my students learn the best? What learning differences do they have? Classroom management plays a role in this area as well. Do students need accommodations or modifications of the assignments?

11. SAMR vs. TPACK