The Laboratory of the Alchemist

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The Laboratory of the Alchemist by Mind Map: The Laboratory of the Alchemist

1. The Guide

1.1. Our guide must be the inner master.

1.2. We must long for God, the inner self, the inner master, the inner divinity.

1.3. We must sense the divinity in our presence, this requires excursion on our part.

1.4. Remove the ego, must submit to God,

2. Two pillars

2.1. The pilliars are method and wisdom, theory and practice, man and women.

2.2. We must balance the study and practice

2.3. Our understanding must be clear based on these two pillars.

2.4. Hasten Slowly! We must slowly work constantly.

3. The Funnel

3.1. Our body is the funnel.

3.2. The fire is the sex between man and women

3.3. The fire must remove the impurity.

3.4. The fire awakens the brains

4. Source of Elements

4.1. every element and every being is made up of Energy, Matter and Consciousness

4.2. All four elements are crystallization of the source. The divine mother.

4.3. We must activate the kundilyni, which is the source, it is represented by the snake.

4.4. The original source is the kundilyni, the divine mother, the akash. We must awaken it so it can act through us.

4.5. The ability to study alchemy and to become an alchemist is given by God.

4.6. A chemist is not an alchemist, the al is removed from chem, al represents God.

5. Work of Lab

5.1. The symbol of transform lead into gold, this represents us, transforming the physici into spirituality.

5.2. The work of the alchemist is hidden from those that are not initiated in it.

5.3. Heating and purifying, and repeating this till we fuse with god.

5.4. A laboratory is a place of prayer.

5.5. In order to do the work of alchemy, we must bow to the will of God.

5.6. The cross represents the element in work, in activity.

6. Submission

6.1. We must not wait for circumstances to change before we do the work with ourselves.

6.2. Submission to the will of god is accepting the suffering you are going through.

6.3. Learning to transmute what we have, transmute our physci.

6.4. We must transmute what is inside of ourselves.

6.5. The problem we face are the issues we need that we need to transform the energy.