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1. the city of London is an independent unit with its Mayor.

2. It is the heart of UK business and financial activities ranking on par with New York. London is the richest squared mile in the world.

3. LONDON'S MOST FAMPUS LANDMARKS ARE: The City Hall, the Dragon Statue in Temple Bar, tower fo London, the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, The House of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey

4. It's on elf the biggest cities in the world. it was founded by the Romans in 53 BC with the name of LONDINIUM.

4.1. in medieval times the City was an independent commercial center. Westminster was the political and administrative center and residence of the Royal family.

5. Greater London it is made up of 32 boroughs which are considered small cities, with its school , member of parliament and a local council. each city has a proud sense of identity. Londoners whenever asked about where they live will respond with the name of the borough .