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Ireland by Mind Map: Ireland

1. troubled History due to economy and religion

1.1. 15th Century: Henry the VIII and queen Elizabethe the I tried to impose Anglicanism upon this Catholic country

1.2. 17th Century Protestants from Scotland arrived in Ulster and they were given the best land. in England King James II was Catholic and for this reason he was deposed by parliament and replaced by William of Orange.

1.2.1. in 1690 Irish Catholic who were supporting the English Catholic King battled against the Protestant Parliament and new King . the Portestat won the Boyne battle and the Anglican of Ireland have started to called themselves "Orangmen" green is the colour of Irish Catholic Orange is the color of Protestant Ulster

1.3. the Troubles between Irish catholics and English protestants have continued for 100 years. IRA have been tried to free Ulster and often Violence was a way, since 1998 violence has stopped.

1.4. 19th Century : 1845 - 1849 THE GREAT IRISH FAMINE

1.4.1. 1.000.000 DIED

1.4.2. 1.000.000 EMIGRATED TO THE USA St.Patrick Day :

2. flag

3. irish shamrock

4. irish Harp