Lifetime Activities

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Lifetime Activities by Mind Map: Lifetime Activities

1. Swimming

1.1. Indoor

1.1.1. Universal

1.1.2. Lancaster YMCA

1.2. Outdoor

1.2.1. Skyline

1.2.2. Overlook

1.2.3. Lancaster Country Club

1.2.4. Bent Creek Country Club

1.2.5. Old Hickory Pool

1.3. Teams

1.3.1. Summer Swimmming Varying prices About ages 5-18 Skyline Overlook Bent Creek Lancaster Country Club

1.3.2. Winter Teams YMCA Five Star Highschool

2. Yoga

2.1. Classes at gyms

2.1.1. Lancaster YMCA $45 membership for 19 and older $25 membership for teens and college students

2.1.2. Universal

2.2. Yoga Studios

2.2.1. Bikram Yoga Lancaster

2.2.2. The Yoga Room

2.2.3. Float Yoga of Lancaster

2.3. On you own

2.3.1. Yoga apps (free)

2.3.2. TV classes (some free)

3. Golf

3.1. Public Clubs

3.1.1. Overlook

3.1.2. Parline

3.1.3. Evergreen

3.2. Private Clubs

3.2.1. Lancaster Country Club

3.2.2. Bent Creek Country Club

4. Biking

4.1. Indoor

4.1.1. Stationary bikes Lancaster YMCA Universal Planet Fitness

4.2. Outdoor

4.2.1. Clubs Lancaster Bicycle Club $21 membership for 1 year All skill levels welcome

4.2.2. Free-riding (free) Rail-trails Columbia Lititz-Ephrata Enola Low-grade Roads

5. Walking/Hiking

5.1. All Ages

5.2. Indoors

5.2.1. Mall (free)

5.2.2. Athletic Clubs Costs money Universal Planet Fitness Lancaster YMCA

5.3. Outdoors (free)

5.3.1. Stoner Park

5.3.2. Overlook

5.3.3. Landis Woods

5.3.4. Chickies Rock

5.3.5. Mt. Gretna

5.4. Clubs

5.4.1. Lancaster Hiking Club

5.5. You can go out and walk almost anywhere!

6. Fitness Components for swimming

6.1. Muscular stregnth

6.1.1. Sprints can be done for maximum strength used

6.1.2. Equipment such as hand paddles can be used for increased burst of strength needed

6.2. Muscular endurance

6.2.1. Swim greater distances with more laps in order to use your muscles at a lower caliper for a long period of time and build up endurance

6.3. Cardiovascular endurance

6.3.1. While swimming you must hold your breath with exerting strength, which helps to build up your lungs and work on endurance

6.4. Flexibility

6.4.1. Different strokes provide for movement in various ways that can help with limb extension and twisting in ways to increase flexibility

6.4.2. For injuries or older ages, it is easy on the joints and muscles with slow movement and is a great way to exercise without too much impact or harm for your body

6.5. Body Fat composition

6.5.1. Swimming is a great way to burn calories and in turn lose body fat

6.5.2. By building up muscles it can help to create a good ration of fat to muscle