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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My mom works in the vacation business and could get me a job working for her as a cleaner or for others she knows.

2. My dad has lots of local connections and could help me land a job at grocery stores etc.

3. Mr Howald: A family friend who works as a marine biologist and could give me some insight into that area of study and have connections relating to biology and sciences.

4. Mr Godwin: Very knowledgeable in the sciences and has a degree in microbiology, a field I may be interested in. He may be able to explain what they would do as work.

5. Chemist: So far I have really enjoyed chemistry and its my strongest area. There aren't many chemists in Kelowna but I may be able to find someone in the field at a winery.

6. Medical Laboratory Technician: I might be able to get in contact with someone at the hospital to find out more about the field.

7. My Cousin Ashley has worked for the UN and many major companies and is great at helping find jobs and has plenty of connections

8. My friends Lucas and Riley can help my get a job at The Cactus Club downtown.

9. Mr Green: My chemistry teacher who has many connections to people working in the field currently and could give me some pointers to finding a job in the field.

10. My Cousin Katie has a lot of volunteer experience in the hospitals E.R. and is going for her bachelors of science. She has lots of connections and friends already in the field.

11. Mrs Rouleau in the career centre has gotten me lots of volunteer jobs in the career centre and could definitely find me an actual job or job shadows of areas I'm interested in.

12. Mr Berg: family friend who works in the hospital and could show me what its like and provide me with some connections.

13. Ms. Berg Administrative office assistant at Okanagan College and works in admissions. She may also be able to help me get in contact with a chemistry professor at the college.

14. Ms Atkinson self-employed business developer and planner and helps company startups. She could potentially help me in the future with a business startup.

15. Pharmacist: There are lots of pharmacies in Kelowna and I could talk to one of the pharmacists there and ask about what they do.