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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Friends: My friends Noah and Adam work at the movie theatre and could help me get a job there.

2. Coach: My coach Dave coaches a high level of soccer, and has connections with other coaches. This is helpful because I would like to coach a high level of soccer.

3. My Auntie and Uncle: Maria and John are both dentist's at there own dental clinic. This could potentially mean I could shadow their job as a dentist or work as a receptionist.

4. My teacher: Ms. Briker has played high levels of soccer, and can tell me how to get there. But also can show me how to become a school soccer coach.

5. Counsellor: My counsellor Mr. Harbour can tell me courses I need to take for my future, and can help me find a suitable job.

6. Dad's Friend: Jeff works as the head of technology in a hospital, and could let me have a job shadow.

7. Physiotherapist: Brandt of Prime's Physiotherapy could tell me what classes I should take in university to become a physiotherapist.

8. Doctor: My family doctor could give me information on being a doctor and maybe even a job shadow.

9. Electrician: John could give me helpful information if I decide to go into the trade of being an electrician.

10. Grandpa: Ken works as a heavy duty mechanic. This means I could shadow this job or he could introduce me to how to get this job.

11. Father: Damien works as the supervisor of a plumbing company. Which allowed me to get a job as pre-apprentice.

12. Coach: Dante is the coach of UBCO, I could ask him about scholarship opportunities, and help me meet with other university coaches.

13. Neighbour: My old neighbour Jerry, used to be a chief of a fire department. He could point me in the right direction to be a firefighter.

14. Soccer Player: Jason Thompson played professional soccer and could tell me how he got on that path and the best ways to get noticed. He could even recommend me to coaches.

15. Plumber: Mike the owner of a plumbing company could recommend me to other plumbing companies to train to become a plumber.