ICT and Classroom Management

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ICT and Classroom Management by Mind Map: ICT and Classroom Management

1. Differentiated Lessons

1.1. Make sure lessons have goals that accommodate various learning types.

2. Ways of stimulating interest which you can use prior knowledge in creating a lesson plan for.

2.1. Surveys

2.2. One on One conversations

2.3. Ask students to compile some of their favorite music, video games, movies, sports.

3. CRP

3.1. Make sure lessons are culturally relevant

4. ZPD

4.1. Make sure coursework does not overwhelm or underwhelm the student

4.2. Awareness of prior knowledge

4.3. What did you guys cover last year.

5. CTT

5.1. Planning with other teachers ahead of time.

6. Scaffolding

6.1. Build upon prior knowledge

7. Assistive technology

7.1. Braille, audio books, videos, closed captions

8. Goals

8.1. Language development

8.2. Instilling Inherent Motivation through emphasizing the importance of survival, importance of the body of knowledge you can contribute to others for the betterment of all and to enhance life experiences in general. Knowledge is power.