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My Personal Network by Mind Map: My Personal Network

1. Abby Freeborn - Her mother is the owner of a catering service run out of UBCO, and could potentially get me a job there either packing orders or in food preparation.

2. Lia Law - She is a friend of mine who encouraged me to join air cadets, both of her parents are pilots for WestJet and would be helpful if I wanted my glider/power license or to pursue a career as a pilot.

3. Rachel Pickard - Rachel is currently employed at a doctor's office in Kelowna and does work with patient records and filing. She could help me get a job directed towards the medical field.

4. Dave McConnell - Mr. McConnell is a psychology AP teacher at KSS, which is something I am truly passionate about learning and continuing with. He has inspired me to pursue my love for psychology and there is a possibility of him helping with a job.

5. Lindsay Pickard - She is one of my closest friend's mother, and is a nurse at Kelowna General Hospital. Through her I have already had volunteer opppertunitiesa and if I had interest in being a registered nurse or a licensed practitioner nurse she could help.

6. Alicia Harrison - She is my massage therapist and is also trained in chiropractic work, she has a lot of valuable information for being a physical therapist if I was looking into that field for a career. I find the medical aspect of this profession interesting.

7. Emergency Services Worker - I know a few people who work in emergency response vehicles and are the first people on the scene of accidents and injuries. That would be a beneficial connection if that was my interest.

8. Policeman - I know many firemen and ambulance workers but I think that meeting and talking to a police officer could possibly spark an interest in the job because it fits with some of my other ideas involving my future

9. Botanist - I have always enjoyed the biological aspects of science and plant are extremely fascinating to me. I would like the opportunity to meet a botanist because it is a definite path that I may encounter in my future.

10. My dad - He is an experienced fireman and is close with many people on the force in addition to the police, RCMP, and emergency services. If that was a career I wanted to look into there are people who I could get an interview with.

11. My mom - Not that I'm sure that I would even want to be one, but my mom is an elementary school teacher. I could gain a lot of experience and insight from shadowing her or her colleges if that's what my passion was.

12. Doris Campbell - Doris is a neighbour and family friend, who is employed doing lab work involving chemistry. She is who I was hoping to do my job shadow of because chemistry is a big interest of mine and a possible future career.

13. Joanna Dorward - She was my supervisor when I used to volunteer at Cottonwoods Care Centre and she provides opportunities involving nursing. I have a certificate stating my volunteer and care qualifications including fifty hours of service.

14. Counsellor - I have interacted with both school counsellors and therapists and although I have only experienced the receiving side of it, I would love to learn more about human psychology.

15. Zoologist - Animals have always been an interest of mine and I even attended a course on animal biology, had I not met a zoologist and learned of the job I would not have known that it was a possible interest of mine.