Muscles of the Forearm

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Muscles of the Forearm by Mind Map: Muscles of the Forearm

1. Anteromedial muscles

1.1. Superficial Layer

1.1.1. Palmaris Longus flexor retinaculum and palmar aponeurosis ACTION flexes hand at wrist and tenses palmar aponeurosis

1.1.2. flexor Carpi ulnaris Innervation: ulnar n. (C7-C8) Ulnar head O: olecrenon and posterior border of Ulna Radial head O: common tendon med epicondyle ACTION flexes and adducts hand Insertion: Radius, pisiform, hook of hamate, 5th metacarpal

1.1.3. Pronator Teres ulnar head O: Coronoid Process. I: radius convexity radial head common flexor tendon medial epicondyle. I: radius Convexity ACTION Pronates forearm and flexes elbow

1.1.4. flexor carpi radialis I: base of 2nd MCP ACTION flexes and radial deviates hand at wrist

1.1.5. Insertion: Medial epicondyle via common flexor tendon

1.1.6. Innervation: Median Nerve (c6-c7) except for FCU

1.2. intermediate layer

1.2.1. flexor digitorum superficialis ACTION flexion at PIP joints and MCP joints of digits 2-5 Humeroulnar head common tendon Medial epicondyle Radial Head anterior border Insertion: shafts of middle phalanges digits 2-5

1.3. Deep Layer

1.3.1. Flexor digitorum Profundus ACTION flexes DIP of digits 4 and 5 Innervation: ulnar nerve Origin: proximal 3/4 medial and anterior ulna and interosseous membrane lateral part DIP of digit 2 and 3 medial part DIP of digit 4 and 5

1.3.2. flexor pollicis longus origin: Anterior Surface of Radius Insertion: Base of distal phalanx of thumb Innervation: Anterior Interosseous Nerve of the Median N (C8-T1) ACTION flexes phalanges of thumb

1.3.3. pronator quadratus ACTION pronates forearm and binds radius and ulna together Innervation: Anterior Interosseous Nerve from the Median N. (C8-T1) Origin: Distal quarter of anterior ulna Insertion: Distal quarter of anterior radius