Rounding whole numbers

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Rounding whole numbers by Mind Map: Rounding whole numbers

1. What are real life situations that require rounding?

1.1. Measurements

1.1.1. Measuring height to the nearest inch, half inch, or quarter inch

1.2. Approximating time

1.2.1. About 1:15 (quarter after 1), about 2:30, about 3:45 (quarter to 4), about 6:00

1.3. Baking

1.3.1. If batches are made by the dozen and you need to give a cookie to 26 students, you need to round your baking amount to 3 dozen so that every student gets a cookie

1.4. Construction

1.4.1. Round up in order to have enough supplies

2. What is rounding?

2.1. Altering a number with addition or subtraction to reach a specified place value

2.1.1. What is a place value? What are the possible place values in a whole number? Ones place The numerical value a digit has based on its location in a number How does location determine numerical value?

2.1.2. What is addition? Finding the sum by combining two or more numbers What is the sum?

2.1.3. What is subtraction Finding the difference between two numbers

3. Why do we round?

3.1. In order to make a number simpler so that calculations are easier

3.1.1. Why are rounded numbers simpler? They have less variety of digits to do calculations with

3.1.2. Why are rounded numbers easier to do calculations with? Rounded numbers end in 0 which is easier for calculations because these numbers can be considered quicker, without exact math, while still yielding an answer close to the exact one

4. How do we round?

4.1. Rounding Rules

4.1.1. How do we determine whether to round up or down? Determine the rounding digit What is a rounding digit Look at the digit in the place value directly to the right of the rounding digit

4.1.2. Determine place value being rounded to Tens place Hundreds place Thousands place

5. What does rounding do to a number?

5.1. Simplifies the number

5.2. Makes the number easier to do calculations with

5.3. Makes the number less accurate

5.3.1. If a rounded number is less accurate, why would it be used for calculations? They are good for giving general estimations of a calculation without having to do exact or extensive math